Why Do Beautiful People Find It Harder to Have a Real Relationship?

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Why Do Beautiful People Find It Harder to Have a Real Relationship?

Finding a partner is quite difficult in itself. You want someone caring, smart, and funny. You want someone who gives you wings and makes you believe in fairy tales. However, some have more difficulty than others in finding the rare pearl.

This is the case with beautiful people. This may seem paradoxical since everyone will admit that one of the essential criteria of a partner is their appearance. One needs to be attracted to his or her beloved so that the chemistry and attraction persist throughout the relationship.

However, beautiful people have difficulty finding a shoe that suits them because they often meet people who are only interested in their physique. People who don’t really want to know them and only want a superficial relationship. What are the 5 real reasons that prevent these too-beautiful people from finding a sincere partner?

1. He or she is not enough… for me

Beautiful people always feel like they’re compromising on their partner’s looks. It’s not their fault that they feel this way, the press has given them a misleading view of self-worth. We live in a world where physical beauty is what matters most. Our self-esteem depends on the number of likes we get on Instagram and Facebook.

Some companies even list their candidates for employment according to the number of subscribers they have! This swelling of the beauty ego is all about social media because it makes beautiful people feel like they deserve better just because they’re attractive.

Their beauty becomes like a reward that must be deserved and, therefore, for them, no one is ever good enough. They always think that there is someone more beautiful waiting for them! This way of thinking prevents them from seeing the truth that has been in front of their eyes all along. They can have their soul mate by their side, for several months or years, without realizing it!

Beautiful people have this idea that the grass is always greener elsewhere. When they get a person’s full attention, they don’t know what to do with it. For this reason, they often lose opportunities to make real connections because they are waiting for a fairy tale that probably does not exist.

2. Everyone is replaceable

Nowadays and in our time, finding someone new is straightforward. With all the dating sites out there, a pretty girl or an attractive guy doesn’t even have to leave the house to arrange four or five romantic dates.

By putting themselves in the category of beautiful people, they know that they will have no problem replacing their current partner and finding someone who will be interested in them. Therefore, beautiful people tend to give up on certain relationships easily because they know they are attractive.

3. Too many choices

It’s the classic syndrome: I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket. Yet by keeping their options too open, they never truly commit to a romantic relationship. They give everyone a bit of time and, therefore, no one can get their attention because they don’t give them the opportunity.

So they all too often end up in love triangles that can last a very long time because beautiful people find it difficult to make a final decision in love. They are afraid that there is someone better out there. It is possible to love several people simultaneously, but by keeping all their options open, they close themselves off from real relationships.

We must not forget that beauty is not eternal. Choosing someone based solely on physical attraction is not going to make a relationship happy, fulfilling, or stable. By playing this game too much, beautiful people end up lonely because the people around them are tired of being just an option and they will look elsewhere for someone who truly loves them.

4. He or she becomes a fantasy but never a reality

When beauty is the first thing you see, it can be hard to get to know someone. The truth is that beautiful people are often very insecure. They have this feeling because they feel like their beauty is the only thing they have and the only thing other people see. Hence Lana Del Rey’s famous phrase: “Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful? »

These beautiful people are people you want or don’t want, people you need. They represent a fantasy but never anything serious. Yet they can be a dream and a reality. Unfortunately, few people allow them to show what is hidden behind this perfect facade.

With a simpler person, there is a sense of security; we have the impression that he or she is not going to abandon us because he (or she) has found something better. Beautiful people are followed by several prejudices: superficial, (princess), greedy for money, egocentric, etc… Their appearance gives them a reputation they never asked for and their beauty gives them an inaccessible side.

5. Jealousy

If, by chance, a beautiful person manages to find a partner; very quickly jealousy will set in. A beautiful girl or an attractive man surely has many friends of the opposite gender who are only waiting for one thing: to take the coveted place of their partner. This person can also have a job based on their appearance, which will further fuel the jealousy of the partner.

Some like the idea of ​​their partner being like a trophy. But this feeling is quickly overshadowed by the fear of losing this person. The other never feels up to it and always has the impression of competing with all the people around his or her beloved.

Many people are afraid of being rejected by these too-beautiful people and therefore do not even try to approach them. For them it’s as if they were on display: you can look but neither approach nor touch.

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