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When Signs Become Just The Cloth Of Tears

The Cloth Of Tears

When Signs Become Just The Cloth Of Tears

In life, there are many things that break your heart, but one of the strongest is when you become the pillar of the person you like. You are there, through thick and thin, you do everything to put a smile on their face, but nothing more. You are her confidant, the one who never lets her fall and the one who would put her hands in the fire to save her from anyone. You are his friend, but it hurts because you feel something else. When signs become only the cloth of tears, they forget themselves.


As a friend, you are very valuable, because you are calm in the midst of the storm. Your spontaneity opens the gap of creativity and you are always willing to experience a thousand adventures. Pleasing is something that is not difficult for you, especially if that person is special. However, it breaks you to know that no matter how many walls you tear down, you will never feel all that accumulation of feelings that live in your heart.


If there is someone on this list who is a luxury as a companion, without a doubt, it is you. You’re not afraid to put loyalty first. You work very hard so that that person can regain their balance. You respect his emotions a lot and would never dare to remove his scars. It hurts, knowing that every time he turns to you it’s only to vent, to tell you how much he suffers for someone else.


Sometimes, it seems like yours is just being an explorer, not falling in love with anyone and living a crazy life every second. However, your heart keeps secrets, lovers that hide in the corners of your memory. You are there, firm for that person, you show him that every time his world collapses, you will stay. But, tell me, do you get the same in return? You’re settling for his friendship.


Sensitivity runs into every pore of your skin. There is too much love in your heart to throw it overboard. That is why when you love someone in silence, you become their tears. You pretend it doesn’t affect you every time he talks to you about his new romances. Deep down you just want his happiness, but that doesn’t mean you don’t feel horrible when he smiles for someone else.


Definitely, there is a lot of love in your soul to give. Leo, you are the type of person who doesn’t mess around when it comes to relationships. You really commit to giving your best, you save your ego in order to spend time with the person you like. However, it is not easy to know that you are only his refuge, the person he turns to when he feels like he can’t take it anymore, but also the one he doesn’t feel like loving.


It’s true that you don’t fall in love easily. In fact, it bothers you when your heart starts to flutter without knowing the person thoroughly. You are very clear about what you expect from a relationship, but unfortunately, there are friendships that get out of hand, and you don’t understand when feelings change. And now, you’re there, being his outlet, but not someone he wants a future with.


You are the person who honors love, your heart really does not understand logic when someone starts flooding your thoughts. You like to be affectionate, and romantic and if it comes to listening, you have no competition. Your advice is the wisest and you do not hesitate to give it all the attention it needs. That is why you become someone very important, the friendship that he wants for life, but you don’t want him to see you like that and that breaks your soul.


You bet on deep connections, where an unmatched magnetism arises. You let yourself be carried away by what your instincts say, but you never force someone to love you. The worst feeling is realizing that you are half of what you would like. That person sees you as someone to whom they can tell their fears, victories, sadnesses, everything. But the only label it can give you is the one you give to a friend.


It’s very rare when you let your emotions speak for you, especially if the other person doesn’t give you the assurance that they feel the same way. There are times when you would like to stop everything and end the relationship, but you are in a dilemma because you value her company and you also like to tell her things. It is exhausting to know that no matter how much you work on your best version, you will not be their option.


Although most see you as a sign that is too calculating and avoids taking risks, just because you don’t get carried away with just anyone, the reality is that when you fall in love with someone and they don’t reciprocate, you need a lot of time to say goodbye. Of course, the fact that they have a friendship becomes worse, because there are times when it seems like everything is perfect, but in the end, the emptiness is there.


Under that shell that people usually see, hides one of the most beautiful souls of the zodiac, yours. You are a sign that shows love in a different way, you really enjoy being with that person and sharing data that increases your culture. Friendship is very important to you, but you are not willing to be just the cause of tears. Although it hurts you a lot, you leave, before it’s too late.


When it comes to loving you throw your emotions out the window, you do it in a big way and without fear. You like to feel free and allow your imagination to take you to your next crazy thing. You are a dreamer and you love it, the more affection there is involved, the more comfortable you feel. But, you don’t want to be the friend who settles for crumbs, the one who cries in silence and celebrates his new relationship, even though inside you can’t take it anymore. You just don’t want to.

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