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What Will Happen When The Signs Learn To Treat Them They Are Treated

Treat Them They Are Treated

What Will Happen When The Signs Learn To Treat Them They Are Treated

Sometimes zodiac signs don’t know how to channel guilt, they feel that if they say they don’t want to do something, they are going to hurt people and that’s when they end up in the hands of emotional hunters, who all they want is to shake them until they’re dead. on the ground and then disappear. They don’t know about ties, they could be your friends, family, or even your partner. That is why the best thing you can do is learn to treat people the way they treat you, it is time for you to give them the same importance that they give you. This is what will happen when the signs learn to treat them the way they are treated:


When you feel that someone wants to control you, remember your roots, it is Mars that awakens your determined side, the one that is not afraid to act immediately. You tend to be very kind to people, you don’t understand half-hearted relationships, and you want something that breaks with superficiality. However, there are those who do not give you the same, on the contrary, they make fun of your progress and do not value your effort


It is your earthly side, which invites you to find a practical side to everything you do. Taurus, at first your emotions may speak for you, but once you analyze the situation you don’t allow them to treat you as if they were doing you a favor. It hurts a lot when you are always there and when you need a little support, the only one that is there for you is loneliness. You are not going to continue maintaining relationships that trample on your self-esteem. 


Maybe it’s spontaneity that keeps you with a spark on your face, despite being surrounded by abusive people. You have a magnet to attract those in need, but not in a good plan, let’s say they want to come and put all their problems on your shoulders. You are not a magician nor is it your place to solve their lives, it is not fair that they treat you that way. If they are going to give you negativity they are going to receive the same from you. 


Let go and let go. Cancer, you’re already tired of justifying people who supposedly claim to love you. When they need you, they are a sweetheart, always willing to read your messages and shower you with attention, but they do it out of convenience, because once they get what they want they walk away. They have a way of disappearing and ignoring your tears. It seems like what happens to you never compares to their problems. It’s not worth it. 


You are not going to deny that destiny has placed magical people in your path. The kind that has a tender heart, that doesn’t think twice when you ask them for help. Let’s see, you don’t need anyone to solve your life, you have fallen a lot of times and you have also shouted your victories from the rooftops. You know that the road is about emotional ups and downs, but you prefer to stay with loyal people, that’s all. 


At this point what you want from a relationship are facts, nice words are for naive souls, those who have not suffered too many disappointments and still believe in fantasies. Virgo, you are a sign that loves real connections, so you are not going to settle for mere appearances. It is of no use to you if they say that you have a lot of friends, if when problems arise no one is with you. 


Your emotional rhythm is so unpredictable that even you feel very stressed when things don’t go as planned. Libra, you are happy to give yourself over to relationships, you are not one to complain, what you give is from the heart, but it is disappointing when you feel a void on the part of the other person. There are those who only deserve a greeting from you because it is of little use if you tell them your fears or your dreams, they are not interested. 


Without a doubt, something that makes you angry is discovering that they only want to use you. I’m talking about those who disguise themselves very well, they arrive and paint a pretty face on you, but at the slightest distraction, they attack you from behind. You do not tolerate hypocrisy, you are desperate for those types of false people who are incapable of accepting themselves. You would prefer a thousand times to be alone than to continue sharing your insecurities with someone who uses them against you. 


It’s amazing the way people wash their hands, saying you’re the one who doesn’t commit. Those who really know you know that you value every moment with your loved ones. Nothing scares you, if it comes to defending someone you do it without much thought, because it is your impulsive side that never stops you. However, there are those who have no idea what such a genuine feeling is. Those types of companies are the ones you should stay away from. 


It’s true, even in friendships, family, or love ties, you like structure. Capri, you realize very quickly when the other person is not being sincere. You like to respect limits because you are not going to put your stability at risk. If someone causes you more stress than peace of mind, you know that they do not deserve any opportunity in your life. Walking away is the best gift you can give to your self-esteem. 


Who cares if they say you’re demanding, you’re not here to meet the conventional standards of people who don’t even know you. Aquarius, you are fierce when you put your mind to it and there are those who have the gift of bringing out your worst version, so all you have to do is stop them and walk away. Life is too short to waste time with someone who doesn’t appreciate your company. Never get used to so little love. 


You have worked a lot inside yourself, which makes your heart and knees tremble. You are no longer there to wait for them to value your presence, what’s more, you don’t have to beg anyone. A healthy bond implies love from both sides, it is not acceptable that you be the one who gives more. If you do, you will only be filled with regrets and resentments. For no reason, assume that it is love, it is codependency and if you stay there it will end up sinking you. 

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