What No One Tells You Before You Move in With Your Sweetheart

Move in With Your Sweetheart

What No One Tells You Before You Move in With Your Sweetheart

Finally falling asleep with your sweetheart every night and having him around you 24 hours a day sounds damn romantic. For now. But no one said that the whole thing was a tough test for your love. Neither dad nor mom, not even her best friend, who has already moved in with her boyfriend. We’ll change that – and tell you the problem areas of a relationship when you move in together.

You don’t have love all the time.
Unfortunately, the idea that everything in your shared apartment revolves around romance is a fraud. Sure: you could do it at any time – because you won’t be disturbed – but you also have other things to do.

Privacy? None!
Often you have very little of it because no one has their room. That’s why sometimes you have to wait until your partner is out of the house to do certain things. This can be quite annoying.

Compromises as far as the eye can
see From the furnishings to the decoration to simple decisions like which kitchen roll to buy: Every person is different and has had a different upbringing. That’s why you often have to pull yourself together when you’re at home together.

The distribution of roles must first be clarified.
Who takes out the garbage? When are the dishes due, who will hang up the laundry? All of these unpleasant questions were never an issue before because everyone was responsible for their household. Our tip: just do it together, it’s much more fun!

Strict calculation – good friends
Yes, another thing that no one likes to talk about. They have never shared a bill, except perhaps for dinner together. Even on vacation, everyone pays for themselves. The rules have to be redrafted when you move in together. Do you keep records very strictly or are you more relaxed? We recommend a 50/50 split because everyone has the same rights and equal obligations, but of course, it always depends on the circumstances.

The space problem
Young couples most often move into a two-room apartment with a maximum of 60 square meters. There is little space to accommodate all of two people’s belongings. Two people mean twice as much clothing, dishes, and books. Before moving, you have to clean out thoroughly and think about what is worth staying there. You will find many things twice, you can simply give them away or sell them.

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