What Does Love Look Like to an Introverted Person?

Love to an Introverted Person?

What Does Love Look Like to an Introverted Person?

Introverts’ brains work differently.

Therefore, their romantic relationships are usually more delicate.

In these, there are fewer words, but there are very honest and deep expressions of love.

They are people who can connect with their beloved partner in a more intense and almost magical way.

It could be said, without being mistaken, that an introvert is much better understood today than a few decades ago.

An introvert is not shy: he is selective, perceptive, sensitive, and a good leader in his professional life.

When it comes to love, it is common for introverts to face difficulties that are characteristic of this personality type.

Adolescence or puberty can lead to thinking that they can do nothing against the glamor of the extroverts around them.

They squat for a long time in the most remote corners of the last rows, from where they can quietly watch the world go by.

A young introvert generally lives in silence.

He/she doesn’t dare take the plunge into this area, which seems at first sight reserved for the daring who love noise and find themselves in countless groups of friends where everyone talks and no one listens.

But little by little, the introvert “wakes up” and notices the qualities he/she possesses.

When being alone becomes a problem…

They say simplicity is putting aside the obvious to focus on what matters.

This approach, this focus, is probably the main characteristic of introverts.

They don’t like superficial, pointless conversations just to say something.

They don’t like being the center of attention or investing their time and energy in something that doesn’t correspond to their true being, their soul, or their personality.

This may be why they find it difficult to flirt, go to parties, date other people, or strike up a conversation with the person they are attracted to when they are in a group. other people.

We must not forget here that neurologists explain this by saying that introverts tire quickly at the neural level when they want to communicate and form social bonds.

As a result, they often need moments of solitude “to recharge their batteries”.

For Carl Gustav Jung, introverts focus entirely on the subjective processes taking place in their heads.

For this reason, they usually stay away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to breathe in the oxygen needed for solitude.

Now that we’ve looked at the characteristics of introverts, how do they find a partner?

Introverts and love

Today, the so-called “Quiet Revolution” is on the rise.

This revolution aims for different things: on the one hand, it wants to dispel false stereotypes.

Introverts and extroverts are not fixed concepts, they are two extremes of a continuum towards which each person has a different orientation.

An introvert doesn’t hate being socially active.

He/she has no less social skills than the others – quite the contrary.

We are talking about people who have found their freedom.

In a hyperactive society that forces us to be dependent on those around us for the information we receive through them, an introvert has found sanctuary within themselves to be more creative, sensitive, authentic, analytical, and connected to their inner self.

All this to be able to manage his emotions well.

You don’t always have to go to an event to find a partner.

This personality knows in which environment it can evolve and how to connect with others.

She seduces with short conversations, face-to-face conversations, and simple, magical moments full of conviviality.

Characteristics of an introvert in a relationship

Another stereotype we should dispel is that introverts can only have a healthy relationship with a like-minded person.

But this is not true.

Introverts and extroverts can equally well have a successful romantic relationship in which both partners enrich each other.

Let’s take a look at the characteristics of introverts in this regard:

  • An introvert likes to share moments of solitude with his/her partner.

She gives this person all her attention and energy.

Plus, introverts are magical connection builders to our deepest feelings, which creates a strong, genuine connection.

  • An introvert knows that he/she must give space to his/her other half.

He/she does this because he/she also needs these moments of solitude to process the impressions of the environment and because he/she also wants to spend time with him/herself.

  • We must also understand that we should never ask an introvert to do or be someone who is not in their nature.

Introverts don’t like to change their ways or act contrary to their values, nature, or habits.

You can’t do anything with superficiality, and you no longer surround yourself with certain people just because your partner wants you to.

  • It is not because they are silent that they are thinking of something “bad”.

It is a common characteristic.

  • Having an introverted partner sometimes means sharing moments of silence.

But that doesn’t mean the partner is bored, doesn’t know what to say, or doesn’t feel comfortable.

So don’t bombard him/her with classic questions like, “What are you thinking?” “.

If there’s one thing introverts appreciate, it’s those moments of silence.

They allow them to be themselves without being forced to, to enjoy this authentic simplicity, and to connect their inner world to that of their partner in mutual silence.

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