What characterizes a karmic relationship?

What characterizes a karmic relationship?

All happy couples seem to agree that when you’ve found your perfect partner, everything flows. Everything is easy.

You can debate all the themes (political, religious) and tackle all the possible subjects, from your favorite TV show to the way you like your steak, without getting upset or going into terrible rages.

Moreover, these same couples often share the same tastes in terms of food, vacation spots, friendships, etc. According to these people who live in a “perfect” relationship, everything becomes as simple as pie.

There are no tensions or issues related to ego or lack of confidence.

For them, finding the perfect partner is the solution to all the stresses of life.

But, what about all the other couples?

Those who constantly feel like they are fighting an endless battle and cannot seem to find harmony in their relationship share, in a spiritual sense, a connection called the karmic relationship.

This karmic relationship which seems completely chaotic nevertheless has a good reason to exist.

It is said that the couples who share this connection are, in fact, two souls who made a pact in the spiritual realm (ie before reincarnating on earth) in order to allow the other to grow.

A relationship based on karmic love is made to challenge both partners.

The purpose of this is to allow them to become more powerful versions of themselves.

In the pain of the karmic relationship lies the potential for transformation.

In reality, the partner is a teacher who helps you discover who you really are.

It may seem paradoxical to say that even bad relationships have a good side. And yet it is true.

Have you ever heard someone say, “This man was really awful, but at least I learned a lot from this relationship”? That’s what we’re talking about.

Each partner you have will allow you to understand who you are, what you like (and dislike) and what you want (or don’t want).

10 Signs That Prove You Are In A Karmic Relationship

The karmic relationship is never meant to last, but it will teach you the greatest lessons of your life.

Maybe when you’re in a relationship with that person who seems to be making your life miserable, you don’t see the good side of that karmic love. However, it does exist.

Most of the time it is only after the relationship is over and the grieving period has passed that you can see what lessons you have learned from this karmic love.

It can be the way you choose your partner, the way you behave in the relationship, or anything else that will allow you to grow and become a better person.

We have prepared a list of 10 signs for you that are irrefutable proof that you are living (or have lived) in a karmic relationship.

1. The connection between you two was instantaneous.

A relationship based on karmic love is symbolized by immediate attraction.

This person seems to you to be perfect for you, as if you have known them forever.

You quickly become attached to her.

2. You feel like you belong together.

You feel like you can’t live without each other, as if fate has bound you forever.

So you don’t understand why this relationship isn’t working, so you keep trying to make it healthy and balanced.

It seems to you that you are not able to resist this or that partner until you finally understand why you need her or him so much.

3. The karmic relationship is selfish.

A karmic relationship does not allow both partners to respect healthy boundaries.

A karmic love only serves its own interest and selfish needs.

This is a perfect situation to create codependency complexes or abusive habits.

While one person is very invested, the other sees this relationship as something practical.

4. One partner always tries to control the other.

Karmic love is based on obsession and control of one of the partners.

The other becomes the center of your universe and the main source of your happiness. One of the partners puts his or her spouse on a pedestal and does not seem able to see his or her faults.

5. A rollercoaster relationship.

The main sign of a karmic relationship is your inability to stay away from each other.

What does that mean ?

Quite simply, you have periods where you are together and then comes a time when you decide to break up, but you always end up getting back together and so on.

Karmic love is also symbolized by constant and repetition.

So if you always seem to have the same problems, that’s an alarming sign.

The karmic relationship is stagnant and constantly repeats the same situations. The only way to solve your problems is to leave (permanently).

6. You seem to be addicted to each other.

You have moments of fiery passion, then others where it doesn’t even seem to exist.

Why ?

Simply because one partner (or both partners) is much more in love with the very idea of ​​love for superficial reasons.

These can be appearance, popularity, or social and professional status.

7. The relationship brings out your worst fears.

Karmic love brings to the surface all the things you are freakishly afraid of.

The fear of abandonment, commitment, rejection, loss and emotional pain will hit you in the face like a whip.

By the way, in a karmic relationship you can also expect all the mistakes of your past to catch up with you and the skeletons to come out of your closet!

8. The relationship is irrational.

Your partner seems to have a mirror held in front of your face in order to force you to face all of your vulnerabilities and insecurities.

You then start to behave differently and to be completely different: you choose choices that are totally irrational for you.

9. The relationship is tumultuous.

A karmic relationship is completely volatile, chaotic and unpredictable.

For your own good, you must be able to identify this kind of connection as soon as possible and learn to let go of this partner who is hurting you emotionally.

10. The relationship does not last.

This or that partner is not the right one for you, even if you deeply want to believe in your fairy tale and do everything possible to make it happen.

Unlike what you see on TV or in the movies, relationships based on karmic love are born in conflict and end in conflict.

They are extremely unhealthy and never last (unless you have a masochistic side).

Differences between soul mates and karmic relationship

Often people confuse karmic relationships with the connection of two soul mates.

Indeed, they think there is a romantic side to having to fight to maintain a spiritual and emotional connection with their partner.

Yet, karmic love and the relationship of two soulmates are completely different.

Soulmates are two people destined to meet.

It can be a friendship or a romantic relationship. But they aren’t always meant to stay together.

Your soul mate is a person who will serve as your teacher, someone who will give you existential life lessons. Sometimes it also seems like a gift from God.

It is a relationship close to nirvana.

The relationship of two soulmates is disturbing, harmonious and brings a great sense of comfort and a sense of security.

Two soul mates who stay together are two individuals who have realized that they have a lot to learn from each other and want to spend the rest of their lives growing and improving.

However, very often, kindred spirits separate as soon as the work seems finished.

Very often, your soul mate will leave once her job is done and she has left an indelible mark on you.

This feeling will fill you and bring you the calm and zen you need, even if the separation in itself can be very painful.

On the other hand, the karmic relationship is very tumultuous and intense.

Besides, it never lasts long.

Most of the time, you get into this kind of relationship when you are vulnerable and looking for a guide to lead you through life’s obstacles.

Karmic love generates many conflicts and pushes you beyond the limits of reason.

It also brings out your worst fears and flaws, which negatively affects the relationship. It’s a whirlwind of emotions.

The karmic relationship can also very quickly become abusive (emotionally and physically) because control and jealousy are omnipresent. It is therefore never really advisable to be intimate with the person with whom you share this kind of relationship.

However, as many believe that this or this partner is destined to be their soul mate, they often launch themselves with their eyes closed, despite the relationship problems that already exist.

Karmic love is passionate, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Yes, it is important to feel an intense fusion with your partner, but if this relationship has negative consequences on your other relationships or on your emotional state, it is not worth pursuing.

What characterizes a karmic relationship?

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