True Love Doesn’t Hurt, It Helps You Grow Gently

True Love Doesn't Hurt

True Love Doesn’t Hurt, It Helps You Grow Gently

When love is real and you’ve only ever experienced pain or an emotional roller coaster, you find it hard to believe.

Love for you has become the degrading comments, the broken promises, the excuses without action that follow.

You don’t even realize it’s not love but toxicity.

“Is this real? »

He is asleep by your side. You, tracing the outline of her body with your fingers, gently grazing her soft skin.

A single thought in mind: “Is this love real? »

Yet when it is real, you will receive plenty of signs.

Its presence in your life will make you discover the parts of you that you have ignored all your existence.

He will notice your defensiveness during an argument, as well as the sadness and fear that causes it.

He’ll look you in the eye and notice that you’re thinking too much about the question he asked you five minutes ago.

When you say “Everything is fine”, he will know whether it is true or not.

And if it’s not true, he will cuddle you and remind you how to communicate your needs explicitly.

When the love is real, your partner looks at you and sees through you.

You will not feel constant pain in your heart. You will experience excitement, comfort, and a sense of security. Above all, you will experience the freedom of knowing that you can be loved for who you are.

You don’t have to force anything

If it’s real, things will flow.

You won’t wake up every day feeling like you have to send a message.

You will no longer feel like you are dodging a glaring truth. There won’t be that something stuck about your connection anymore. This feeling of pretending will no longer accompany you.

If it’s real, you won’t have to wake up every morning anxious about what the day will bring.

Anxious about what this person will do that will irritate you.

If it’s love, it won’t hurt.

You won’t feel the pain of lonely nights without him, fearing that the last time was the last time, that he won’t come back to you.

There will no longer be this fear of hearing his harsh words, nor of experiencing his even more violent acts.

You will no longer have this fear of drama to come if you decide to leave it.

If it’s real, you won’t feel the constant pressure of having to please him and meet all his needs while giving up your own.

If it is love, you will feel in your whole being the happiness of being protected. You will know that he will never dare raise his hand on you and that if one day he hurts your heart, it will be by accident.

You won’t question their loyalty or commitment

When it’s true, you won’t have to ask yourself a billion questions about his loyalty, his commitment.

You won’t wonder why he never seems to fully offer his heart to you.

You won’t feel like you’re constantly looking for a missing piece or the passion of beginnings.

No lover from your past will haunt your thoughts.

When it’s real, you won’t have to remember how you felt with others, to compare.

You also won’t feel like you have to suppress your true feelings or silence your thoughts for your story to work.

You won’t try to convince your friends that you’re in the right place or that you’re happy when it’s not true.

True love doesn’t need to convince you of anything. Whether it is the right person, whether you are appreciated, seen, heard, or respected.

With real, concrete love, you will know more than anything that you have something in your hands worth fighting for or staying for.

Because you know it doesn’t happen very often and so you will do your best to protect it.

You will feel the difference

If it’s real love, you’ll feel it.

Everything will be aligned.

Your thoughts and feelings will be in harmony.

This person and you will be on an equal footing.

You would hear it in his voice. Excitement and joy will ring at every corner of the words.

You will hear the love, truly. There will be no doubt about what he says.

Every message will show his affection and he will use every moment together as a chance to make you feel like the most special person in his world.

You will see a future with him, not a dead end. You will feel love, not frustration.

Happiness will embrace you and not confusion. It will be like a blessing, not a curse.

When it’s real and you’ve been hurt plenty of times before, you’ll question it at first.

Sometimes you will even think about running away to avoid being disappointed again.

But also because the unknown is scary.

Other times you’ll wonder if you deserve something so pure and yet so raw at the same time.

But when it’s real, you embark on a journey of love, partnership, and transformation that will make you grow like never before, and you’ll finally feel at home.

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