Time to forgive yourself for your bad choices in love

Your bad choices in love

Time to forgive yourself for your bad choices in love

You settled for a mediocre romantic relationship, but that’s okay… Keep moving forward!

You accepted much less than you deserve but who can throw the first stone at you? Who among us has never made this mistake? Of course, many women don’t want to admit it, but they all (at least almost all) have gone through the same thing as you. They have experienced toxic relationships, narcissistic and self-centered men and they have veiled the reality of their situation.

They kissed toads thinking they were prince charmings. Like you, they failed to recognize the telltale signs. Just like you, they thought they had found true love. Just like you, they convinced themselves that they were happy. But, the truth is that they agreed to share the life of a man who was not worthy of them. And they hid it from everybody.

Like them, you probably lied to your loved ones by saying that your romantic relationship was perfect. You told them he was caring, gentle and protective. You were talking about your ability to communicate about anything and everything and to find solutions to all your problems. You made them believe that he was as involved as you in your couple and you had planned to spend your life together.

At that time, you were in love and you wanted to do everything to make your relationship work. You accepted things that seem aberrant to you today. You have justified completely unacceptable behavior. And, you fought for the wrong partner. It is not said for nothing that love is blind. It can even make you stupid. But, once again, I tell you: it does not matter! It’s a lesson you needed to understand what you deserve and what you absolutely must not accept in the future.

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Forgive yourself for your own good

It’s time for you to accept your mistake and find the strength to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for never being able to love halfway and letting a toxic man manipulate your brave soul and lioness heart. You had so many feelings for him that he was frightened by the serious turn your romantic relationship was taking. You hoped… You believed in the power of love.

You believed that as long as you fought and genuinely loved him, everything would end well. Unfortunately, he did not share your desires, your dreams and your desires. Forgive yourself for falling into the trap we’ve all experienced at least once in our lives. The one who made us believe that “I love you” meant “I will always be by your side”. He’s gone and it’s not your fault. He should be the only one to bear the burden of the failure of your relationship.

He didn’t fight for your romantic relationship, he gave up when the going got tough and walked away like a coward when your feelings for him grew deeper and more intense. Forgive yourself for choosing a man who didn’t deserve to be loved the way you love everyone around you. You trusted him, you believed in his beautiful words and his promises. But, it’s not your fault he turned out to be a cad.

Who could have foreseen that? When he left, he broke your heart. He left you many memories, more or less good. But, in the end, by leaving you he mostly hurt himself. Indeed, will he really be able to find another woman as exceptional as you? Can he really feel the same love that you gave him? Besides, can he be happy again? Who knows… Maybe he will find a woman who looks like him, someone who will never fully invest himself and who will love him in a superficial way like he loved you before.

But, you don’t really have to worry about that. Stop thinking about him and don’t let his memory haunt your days and nights. Raise your head and come out of this dream that veils your face and prevents you from seeing the truth. Forgiveness is always an essential step for self-acceptance and personal development. And, contrary to what many people think, it’s not a sign of weakness.

Forgiveness is proof of the incredible strength within you. You have the courage and determination of a feline fighting for its survival. After all, your psychological state and your mental health are essential elements to live a healthy and happy life. Forgive yourself because no one will do it for you.

No one can ease your pain or your regrets because only you have this power. Take my word for it: it may seem overwhelming at the moment, but you will get there. Gather all the strength you have and fight to become the woman you always wanted to be. And, forgiveness is the only way there is to move on.

You gotta keep moving forward even if it hurts you

It is high time ! You need to forgive yourself for accepting less than you deserve because that’s the only way you can move on. You must understand that you can neither decide nor control the vagaries of a romantic relationship. You can’t choose how long a man will stay with you. You couldn’t give her anything more. You couldn’t love him more. You couldn’t change it.

True love awaits you, take my word for it! This new man will understand the love language you use. He will see your pure heart and will immediately fall in love with it. He won’t take you for granted and he won’t be afraid of the depth of your feelings. The love that will stand out from others does exist, you just have to be patient and, above all, don’t repeat the same mistakes: never accept a mediocre romantic relationship again.

You will find the love that is meant to be yours and everything you have experienced so far will feel superficial. And, you’ll regret wasting time and energy on a man who doesn’t deserve you. So don’t let yourself be fooled by the feeling of nostalgia, the one that pushes you to go back to your narcissistic, toxic or selfish ex. Fight against your first instinct which tells you that you cannot live alone. Of course you can.

It’s the only way you can prepare for the good. Don’t think that the wounds in your heart will never heal or that you will no longer be able to love. You are an exceptional woman who must be loved at her fair value. Fight for the kind of love you know you deserve. Look for the type of love that will give you butterflies in your stomach and sparkles in your eyes.

The good one is the one who will inspire you to become better. A man who will be the source of your joy and who will help you achieve all your goals. Someone who will support you in your projects and take your opinion into account because he loves you and considers you his equal. But, to get there, to heal your wounds and to be able to move forward, you have to accept the past, leave it behind and forgive yourself for your mistakes.

So stop blaming yourself for love decisions because they were essential lessons that helped you become the strong, independent woman you are today. Thanks to your past relationships, you know better who you are and what you deserve. Without these experiences, you would have continued to choose the wrong partners.

Now it’s time to focus on yourself. You have to make your happiness your priority. Because, contrary to what many women think, being happy does not depend on your relationship status. You have to work on yourself and find out what creates joy in you. Learn to accept yourself as you are and to be happy alone.

It’s the only way to prepare yourself for happiness together. Indeed, by staying stuck in the past and being unhappy, you will only attract toxic and negative men. On the other hand, when you are satisfied with your life and happy to be single, you attract men who are in the same frame of mind as you.

Take the time to find yourself and heal all your wounds so that you can finally be happy. Positivity attracts positivity. And, if you want a truly worthy man who will love you the way you deserve, you must first learn to love yourself. So forgive yourself for your mistakes and bad choices. They were essential steps for your personal development.

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