This is How You Know if He’s Into You

He's Into You

This is How You Know if He’s Into You

A new flirt is super exciting, but how do you know if he’s really into you? These 5 signs show that he is interested in you! 02

1. He is always near you

Are you out and about in a larger group in the evening and yet you never lose sight of each other? That’s a good sign! Logically, you also like to have people you like around you!

2. He likes to get closer

Based on (random) contact, you can easily judge whether he is into you. If you contact him during a conversation and he laughs or comes closer, that’s a good sign. If he backs away, he may feel uncomfortable with the contact.

3. How does he speak?

Is he nervous? Does he pay attention to what he says? Very good, because he wants to impress you and is concerned about how he appears to you.

4. He listens

A bad sign is if he has no idea what you’re talking about or forgets things you told him. If he’s into you, he’ll remember what you tell him.

5. Does he get in contact?

It’s simple: If a guy likes you, he’ll contact you! If he doesn’t answer for days, he must have a very good excuse ready.

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