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These Zodiac Signs Could Still Get A Proposal By The End Of The Year 2023

Signs Could Still Get A Proposal

These Zodiac Signs Could Still Get A Proposal By The End Of The Year 2023

It is getting serious! At least for a few zodiac signs. Because the question of all questions could be waiting for them by the end of the year. While some people are incredibly happy about a proposal, others would like to run miles away because they are simply not ready to commit.

You can read here what applies to which zodiac sign.


At heart, Aries is and remains a true romantic. That’s why he secretly wants nothing more than to finally receive a proposal from his better half. You might think that 2023 is the zodiac sign’s lucky year! Because it looks like Aries’ dream will come true very soon. The love energy that rubs off on him through the cosmic constellations ensures that the zodiac sign feels more than ready to answer the question of all questions with a clear “yes”. Time to move on to the next phase of the relationship.


As romantic as Leo is, his freedom is important to him. A marriage proposal would only mean one thing to him: he has to make a final commitment and give in to the secret constraints of a relationship. This is out of the question for the zodiac sign. That’s why he looks at an application with panic. Because the lion knows: that wouldn’t end well. To save himself and his better half the great heartbreak, he shouldn’t waste too much time dropping one or two hints that marriage is out of the question for him.


Libra is currently still a bit skeptical about getting married. On the one hand, she wants to take her relationship to the next level, but on the other hand, she is also aware of the obligations that await her with marriage. However, the zodiac sign should begin relatively soon to consider how it imagines its future with its current partner at its side. Because the stars predict that an application won’t be long in coming. Is Libra ready to compromise and change their life?

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