The Reason Real Men Are Dying Out and Why Masculinity Matters to Women

Masculinity Matters to Women

The Reason Real Men Are Dying Out and Why Masculinity Matters to Women

In today’s society, many men are not in touch with their masculine energy, so there are many weak men among us. When a man is fully in touch with his masculinity, especially in his relationships, this is the most essential quality a man can have.

Women are stronger today than ever. 

So if men want to attract a woman into their life, they need to have a good sense of direction. It’s very important that they just know what they want out of life, even when things are changing.

Women want to feel protected and to fulfill that, a man needs guidance. When a woman feels that about a man, it’s worth its weight in gold. A man without direction cannot reach his true potential.

A bold, masculine man is emotionally stronger than the average man. He is willing to face any problems if the need arises and he is generally much more mature in the way he thinks and acts.

But many women have trouble finding this type of man in the first place. They do indeed appear to be on the verge of extinction.

But why is it like that?

There are still men today who have a strong character and are authentic. They live out their masculinity. But still, they are on the retreat.

We live in a world without tolerance. Any kind of physical contact is considered a violation of human rights and boys hardly have the opportunity to develop strength. We live in an information age. This means that the important things in life, such as acknowledging your emotions, building relationships, or showing respect, are no longer important.

The internet is influencing the way we treat others and real interactions are being crowded out by social media. In truth, many men have lost their manhood because they live in a parallel universe of the internet. 

There is far less interpersonal interaction and confrontation than there used to be. Men also use the Internet as a kind of shield to protect themselves from confrontations with women or to play games with them. Here is “ghosted” and “breadcrumbed” what it’s worth!

Fortunately, even when things look dire, there are still men who rely on and focus on their masculinity. These men understand how to treat a woman and how to make her happy.

Anyway, that’s the good news.

These men understand that they are capable of making a woman feel her femininity. And this is the key to her heart. 

But what makes a manly man anyway? And how do you recognize him?

1. He can see the many layers of truth in a situation

In general, to achieve great things, masculine men must have a well-developed ability to detach from their feelings and be objective.

Men have an incredible ability to remain objective, and far more so than most women. And that doesn’t mean they’re superior to women, it just means that men are more likely to be more distant, unemotional, and more able to see patterns and truth.

Can you trust a man who refuses to acknowledge truths from many angles? no, Because it means that letting go of old beliefs may make him feel too vulnerable, and he doesn’t want that kind of vulnerability.

A masculine man tries to understand multiple perspectives. The truth isn’t always easy to find, but he tries to find out; he knows his perspective is not the only one. This ability to judge objectively makes a person more evolved and trustworthy and allows them to observe truth from many different levels.

2. He is less focused on short-term gratification

Manly men know that to be good they have to be one step ahead of their opponent. Think of business owners too. To run a successful business with integrity, he must consider the future profits of the business and make those profits sustainable, as well as ensure that the business brings value to the customer over the long term.

This is a sophisticated endeavor. Man must think long-term to sustain a successful business, and it takes far more resources to build a profitable, long-lasting business from scratch than when a man simply inherits wealth from his family.

Sometimes men only develop strength and endurance in areas where it matters to them, like in a competition they want to win.

3. He sees the value of your feelings and your intuition

A man who is not attuned to others and is too self-absorbed will tend to disproportionately value his masculine worldview and try to devalue the feminine perspective as he has a different perspective than his own and is likely to be more emotional as well.

A man who doesn’t put all his energy into feeling worthy, who doesn’t try to be right all the time, is likely to be open-minded enough to respect the woman’s point of view.

He will find that his view of life and situations as a man will be limited by his masculine mindset and perspective.

A lot of men out there will repress a woman’s femininity because it makes them feel like they are incapable or out of control, and that can feel wrong in the eyes of the male filter.

However, a woman’s worldview is highly valuable in a way that men can never be. A woman’s feminine side can also bring great insight into a situation. And if a man is so oppressive that he doesn’t give you a voice or doesn’t allow your finer nature to bring certain insights into the relationship, then he doesn’t mean well and you could be in a toxic relationship with him.

This is why masculinity is important for women if they want to develop a healthy relationship with a man.

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