The most important characteristics of a loving, long-lasting relationship

The most important characteristics of a loving, long-lasting relationship

There are only a few people that you will find in the course of your life who correspond to your energetic blueprint. Falling in love can happen easily, it’s a hormonal process in your body; sometimes it’s a magical process and sometimes it’s just lust. But forming a lasting relationship, a connection of the heart, is sometimes a once-in-a-lifetime affair.

You can chase your infatuation , your hormones, or the rush of feeling; you can chase the connection if it gets too close, but that won’t make you any happier than opting for a permanent connection.

The most important thing is: are you in control of your own life?

are you in love with yourself Do you embrace all your dark sides? Can you look in the mirror and love yourself and feel the power within you? this is your soul Should you seek your dreams? do you have self respect; can you “live” with yourself?

Have you realized that you are no longer the victim of your life, but the actor who takes his life into his own hands?

If you hate it, embrace it. Write a new scenario tomorrow. You are not a victim, you make yourself a victim.

Step into the energy of God. You are NO longer a victim of anything in your life. Rewrite the movie. Write down the only things you want in your life and how your life changes when you reach the highest potential of your being.

You are the author of the screenplay called Your Life. When you have mastered the pain, the depression, the illness and the blockages along the way: then you are ready for a reflection. You’re ready to partner with someone who understands that self-love comes from within.

A lasting relationship is usually characterized by the following characteristics:

-You have similar backgrounds, pasts or experiences

-You share similar core values ​​in life

-A friendship is the basis of your relationship

-You can be completely vulnerable with him/her

Make a list of the things you really liked in a past relationship, and then one of the things you never want to experience again. Imagine a person who is a mixture of the things you bring with you from your past experiences. Imagine an ex with certain characteristics who hurt you badly. When you find someone new, recognizing these traits will be a wake-up call.

Learn from them and step out of the interaction. You will not make the same mistake twice.

Oftentimes, people fall in love with someone who resembles their parents, and depending on how your relationship with your family is, that can be a good thing or a bad thing.

Could you be with this person for more than a year and still spark a spark? Is it exciting to see your partner again and again? Is the relationship evolving and growing?

Can this person understand you when you’re angry, frustrated, or just in a bad mood? Does he or she love you in every way?

It’s good to argue to some extent if it’s constructive. When you can listen to each other and create a new understanding that leaves both people more energetic than before, it’s an amazingly healthy relationship. If you can create more energy for each other through communication, you can always lift each other up.

Remember: the soul ALWAYS trumps the ego. When a very powerful energetic soul connection comes into your life, it will open up all sorts of new experiences for you, whether you are ready or not.


And last but not least:
A certain kind of tension is good. Many people like to be in a relationship to spice it up. It can be intellectual, emotional, or any type of energetic spark!
It’s important to be honest with each other. A healthy kind of excitement should still keep you going, like a never-ending adventure.

The most important characteristics of a loving, long-lasting relationship

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