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The 5 Signs That Learned The Best Love Lessons In 2023

The Best Love Lessons In 2023

The 5 Signs That Learned The Best Love Lessons In 2023

Never allow a bad love to eat away your will to live, keep moving forward and stay with the lesson. Maybe it still hurts and it’s normal, don’t run away from the negative feeling, but be patient, and trust that your heart and your body will sooner or later heal. You didn’t lose, read it again, you didn’t lose. Life is allowing you to start over, it is taking you away from someone who does not value your love, your effort, and your dedication. Saying goodbye is not easy, but deep down you know it is for the best. These are the 5 Zodiac signs that learned the best love lessons in 2023. 

1.- Cancer

2023 made you see the darkest part of your sadness, you never imagined sinking so ugly. You felt insufficient, empty, and hoping that it was a nightmare, but it wasn’t. In 2023 you learned the difference between genuine love and an illusion. That person was wonderful in your head, because of the way you adorned her, but she never showed it to you with actions.

You are no longer going to settle for hearing ‘ I love you ‘, now you know that your dignity cannot be bought so easily and you also know that it is possible to get up amid pain. 2023 taught you that tomorrow can be more beautiful, but you don’t have to pressure anything. You are no longer willing to step on the accelerator with anyone, now you prefer to take it easy.

2.- Virgo 

Without a doubt, a part of you was very reluctant to let go, you were not ready to say goodbye to a love with which you dreamed of growing old. 2023 taught you that it can hurt, but if there is no longer a positive emotion between the two of you, it is best to say goodbye without looking back. You are no longer going to be the one who necessarily wants to fit in.

This 2023 you learned that no matter how much you love a person, love is not enough for both of you and some things will never be. It’s okay, that love became your greatest teacher, it revived many of your wounds and made you put your feet on the ground, but it’s over. You prefer to follow your path and give your best version to someone who deserves it.

3.- Libra 

You left with the idea that that adrenaline shaking your soul and your heart was love. You thought that all that fluttering of emotions would become the longest and healthiest relationship of your life, but it didn’t happen that way. 2023 taught you that you can plan and plan, but everything can change overnight. Now you know that attachment can become your martyrdom and you no longer plan to put your mental and emotional health at risk.

2023 opened your eyes, it made all that pile of stories you imagined fall to the ground and there you understood that the truth is the only one that can free you. You deceived yourself by staying by his side and justifying that the fear he caused you was love. Now you no longer want crumbs, you want everything or nothing, a love without measure and health, there is nothing more.

4.- Scorpio 

When you realize that what was between you and that person was only something temporary, it hurts a lot. 2023 taught you that there are beautiful, intense, and unforgettable loves, which unfortunately will not last long enough. Next to that person, you lived unique moments, she told you beautiful words and desire kept you together until the flame went out.

2023 taught you that it is possible to love deeply and let go. You learned that you can miss a person a lot, but that doesn’t mean you have to go back to them. It may be difficult for you to tear the memories from your heart, but you trust that you will soon heal because you know that leaving is the best thing.

5.- Pisces 

You can’t help it, a part of you feels very sad because nostalgia leads you to relive those moments in which you allowed that person to treat you as if they were doing you a favor by pretending to love you. 2023 taught you that you cannot force anyone to do something that is not their nature. For some, it was a failure, but for you, that love was the greatest lesson.

2023 reminded you of your part, you don’t need someone to be happy, you are already a complete being and if love decides to be with you it is to accompany you. You learned something that is pure gold, detachment. Furthermore, now you set more limits, you are no longer the same, life is preparing you for the love that you do deserve.

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