Stop running after him because love always arrives right on time!

Stop running after him because love always arrives right on time!

We all want to be loved and accepted for who we really are. And, we are all looking for the special someone who will make us want to commit ourselves seriously.

Sometimes the world can be a very depressing and stressful place. Financial difficulties, health problems and obstacles to your happiness are many.

Every day you have to face new challenges and, very often, this creates a certain anxiety in you.

You wonder if you will manage to get out of such and such a situation. You ask yourself existential questions about your future.

And, it can be difficult to face all the vagaries of life alone. Sometimes you just need someone by your side to tell you it’s going to be okay.

That’s why you’re looking for that special someone who’s going to help you see the light at the end of the tunnel, the one who’s going to lift your spirits.

You need a partner who protects you from all the negative vibes around you. Someone who holds your hand and helps you move in the right direction.

And, it has nothing to do with the fact that you’re a woman. This need is completely natural and men also feel it.

We all need love and affection. And, that can only be found in the arms of a serious and committed love relationship.

It is said that love cures all ills. What if it really was?

This need for love sometimes pushes us to have relationships with toxic people.

Unfortunately, sometimes you want to be happy and in love so much that you run after the wrong men.

You engage in romantic relationships that don’t suit you and you accept behaviors that you wouldn’t normally tolerate.

Thus, you find yourself in a relationship with manipulative, narcissistic, playful or abusive men.

Or, you don’t get out of these kinds of relationships in time because you’re afraid of being alone.

In short, in your quest for stability and romantic partnership, you choose men who are not made for you.

Even if you know that your partner does not want anything serious, for example, you choose to stay with him.

So you go out of your way to make your relationship work. You make huge sacrifices to give it back.

And he, in all this, what does he do? He leads the good life. He takes you for granted and makes no effort to make you happy.

This man blows hot and cold and gives you just enough attention and love that you don’t want to run away.

But, as soon as he feels that you are getting a little too close to him, he distances himself again.

He just continues to live his life as if you were just an object he could have whenever he wanted.

He openly flirts with other women. And he’s lying to you. Clearly, he can see that you are hurting and unhappy.

But, honestly, he doesn’t care. It’s not his problem!

And, in reality, it really isn’t. After all, you are aware that this man is toxic to you.

You are aware of your mistake but you continue to pursue love, even toxic.

You know he’s not the man of your life and that you deserve much better but you stay with him.

Why ? Because your need for affection got the better of your judgment. You can no longer think rationally because you are caught in a whirlwind of doubts.

For some reason, you managed to convince yourself that it was better to be unhappy than alone.

Finally, when I say “for one reason or another” it’s not really true. Society plays a determining role in your self-image.

Social networks have imprinted in your mind that if you are single it means that you have no value.

As if you had nothing to offer a man. Finally, as if you were less than nothing.

So when you combine this indoctrination with your heightened need for affection, you find yourself making the wrong decisions.

In love, you then prefer to choose toxicity over celibacy. Which, honestly, is crazy!

I know it’s frustrating but you have to understand that love is not easy to grasp.

The very concept eludes many people. But get this: love comes right on time.

He is never early or late! And, honestly, true unconditional love is worth waiting for.

You can’t force things. And, you can’t cause love. It must occur on its own, naturally!

And, it’s only when you’re really ready to welcome him that he’ll point the tip of his nose! You just have to be patient.

You really have to be patient and wait for “the good”.

Afterwards, you will perhaps tell me what is “the good one”. How am I going to recognize it?

It’s simple, “the good one” is the one who loves you more than life itself. This man takes care of you as if you were a drop of water in the palm of his hand.

He really listens to you when you talk and he remembers all the information you gave him.

This man is open and understanding. He doesn’t judge you for your past or your love disasters (we’ve all had them!).

When you reach your goals, he is there to celebrate your victories with you.

When you are sad or depressed, he takes you in his arms and reassures you.

“The good” is the partner who does not run away from the slightest problem and who is not afraid to show himself vulnerable in front of you.

He’s proud to have you in his life and he’s working hard to make your romantic relationship work.

“The good one” is the man who does not shy away from commitment and who is mature enough to stop playing cat and mouse.

That’s what “good” is! And, it is even more than that. Your ideal partner should also be your best friend.

He should be the only person who really understands you, without you having to say anything.

So wait until you meet the man who is going to be completely honest and open with you, even when it’s hard to do.

Life is too short for you to spend your time being unhappy.

I may be a little harsh, but you have no time to waste. You don’t have time for romantic relationships that don’t make you happy.

You need to feel accomplished and complete with your partner. So you have to use all the time that is available to you to live the best life possible.

Take advantage of this gift of life to have an existence that makes you proud and satisfied with your choices.

I know it’s easier said than done, but take my word for it, it’s worth it.

You must be brave. In fact, you have to accept the idea that you are going to have to spend some time alone in order to give yourself the space you need to find true love.

You have to be able to love and accept yourself as you are or you will continue to engage in toxic romantic relationships.

In fact, to avoid being alone, you are ready for almost anything. But, don’t you deserve better?

Hold on ! Keep waiting… Because it’s the only thing left for you to do.

Wait for the man with whom you will feel safe. The one who will sincerely care for you.

Don’t be afraid to wait for a man who encourages and supports you in everything you do.

You need someone who pushes you up and not pulls you down or holds you back from progress and personal development.

In short, you have to wait for the man who gives you the impression that you are capable of doing whatever you want.

The one who tells you that even your wildest dreams are possible. And, “the good one” will prove it to you.

“The good” is the one whose soul resonates with the vibrations of yours.

By your side, you want a man who loves you unconditionally. In fact, you need a partner who tells you how he feels.

Someone who is in sync with their emotions and not afraid to show you how they feel about you.

With your man, you should always feel at home. Why ? Simply because he’s the right person.

“The good” is the one who is destined to be part of your life. The man whose soul is able to recognize all wounds and who loves you even more because (despite) them.

But, if you continue to chain toxic romantic relationships, you will never find “the right one”.

Indeed, if you are not free and if your attention is not turned towards the external world, how can you hope to meet it?

Free yourself from your unhealthy relationships and learn to live alone for a while. Focus on your personal development and your passions.

And, when you finally find the joy and happiness that hides in your single life, you can welcome the man of your life.

You can’t rush love so just keep your own company for now.

Because, believe it or not, the man of your life is on the way. And, once your souls finally meet, you will recognize each other at first sight.

Stop running after him because love always arrives right on time!

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