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Signs To Which Leo Feels Attracted

Leo Feels Attracted

Signs To Which Leo Feels Attracted

Leo is a sign that will never give up. He shines with his own light and likes to be liked. His vibe is super special but it’s clear that she’s not for everyone’s tastes. It is true that Leo can be very exquisite in love and does not like just anyone. Leo is attracted to people who want to live life to the fullest. He is a person who is not afraid to tell the truth and that is why not everyone is prepared to be at his side. His heart is VERY big and he is a very passionate person, which is why he is attracted to people who are not afraid of anything. What are the signs Leo is attracted to? Let’s find out.

He is attracted to Aries, Libra and Aquarius

Leo loves to express his feelings and he always expresses them very strongly. Don’t stay inside something, because that ends up suffocating you in the end. It may be a little dramatic, or a little too much, but it is because he experiences everything with great intensity, with much more intensity than the rest of the signs.

Leo is creative and romantic and deep down, he easily gets excited about anyone who crosses his life and starts to like him a little bit. But hey, be careful, because a lot happens from there to him falling in love. In fact, Leo has fallen in love very few times in his life, if ever. At the moment he may believe that he does it but when he meets the ideal person, he knows perfectly well that THAT was not love.

Leo needs someone who respects his way of being, who instead of running away faces the problems that come. She is used to fighting alone many times. Often, others also try to hide his qualities, they try to make him change when there is nothing wrong with being a Leo. But they feel overshadowed and don’t let it shine instead of taking advantage of that light to become stronger.

That’s why you are attracted to both air signs like Libra and Aquarius. He knows that by his side he will never feel judged. With Libra, he feels a super special connection. Libra feeds on the energy of the person they surround so since Leo is so luminous, Libra will shine the same and will end up spreading that good vibes. Aquarius’s creativity will give him a lot of life, and his sensitivity will also make him slow down in some things that are not good for him. Aries is very similar to Leo, especially because they are looking forward to doing new things all the time. He will give you life.

You have to be a little careful, because for example, Aries and Libra can be somewhat dramatic and when so much drama comes together, it can be dangerous. But in the end, that’s what Leo likes, having people at his side who give life to his life.

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