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Signs To Which Gemini Feel Attracted

Gemini Feel Attracted

Signs To Which Gemini Feel Attracted

Gemini is a sign that lives life as if every second were the only one. He likes to enjoy, laugh, fall in love, and make mistakes. He is always in some trouble and although he regrets it, deep down there is something that attracts him to it. Not everyone is able to understand what’s going on in his mind, but he doesn’t care. He doesn’t need someone to slow him down either, quite the opposite. He needs someone to give him a hard time and make him have fun every day of his life. What are the signs that Gemini is attracted to? Let’s find out.

He is attracted to Aries, Libra and Aquarius 

Gemini needs their relationships to be full of energy, they need to burn it off because it often consumes them from the inside. He wants to constantly do new things, something that really motivates him. She searches for herself many times because she feels, in some way, that she does not belong in this world. And for that reason, he is constantly testing, because he seeks to find her place. They get very bored with those types of relationships in which they do not feel constantly stimulated, both intellectually and physically.

They are very intelligent people who go above and beyond in everything they do. Libra and Aquarius are capable of giving you the stimulation you need. Long conversations until midnight will be almost routine with these signs. They are air signs like Gemini and know that by their side everything will be fine. He is so attracted to them because he sees them as people with an open mind, who will never judge him and, much less, will never tell him what he has to do and what he shouldn’t do. In them he sees complicity, he sees fun, he sees freedom.

Geminis love to socialize and have meaningful conversations. Aries is a good match for Gemini too, open to trying new things all the time. The problem is often that they are so similar that they have the same temper, the same anger and, to top it all off, the same bad feelings about everything. You have to be careful because even if you are attracted to each other, you must have a little more patience with each other.

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