No Man Can Resist These 4 Flirting Tactics

Flirting Tactics

No Man Can Resist These 4 Flirting Tactics

1. Show your playful side

You’re talking about this and that with your crush, so you shouldn’t remain serious, but also show him your sense of humor. Men find humor to be an attractive quality in women.

2. Be passionate

Be passionate when you tell him about your hobbies. After all, you also have to show him that you are anything but boring. So when you tell him about your last backpack trip to New Zealand, he too can admire the sparkle in your eyes.

3. Feel good

Be confident and make sure you don’t constantly pick at your sweater. Even if your outfit isn’t super lovely, if you wear it with charm and confidence, that’s half the battle.

4. Remain unfazed

Don’t constantly chase after your crush, on the contrary: make sure that after the first five minutes, you divert your attention to something else, maybe talk to someone else briefly or say that you have to call someone back urgently. After all, men want to hunt a little too!

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