Never Forget That True Love is Worth Waiting for

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Never Forget That True Love is Worth Waiting for

Never forget that true love is worth waiting for. True love is not something you have to rush.

It’s not something you have to force. Because you see, true love is precious. It is sacred. It’s not something you can throw away.

True love is rare. It’s a brilliant diamond in a world full of pebbles. True love is meant to be cherished. It is made to be savored and devoured.

It’s not something to turn away from. It’s not something to be afraid of or scared of. And it’s not something to run away from.

In truth, true love does not leave.

Maybe you miss the ex who broke your heart. Maybe you miss the guy you met in a bar a few months ago.

Besides, maybe you miss someone who has never looked in your direction. Maybe you miss feeling needed and wanted.

But don’t let that get you to the finish line.

True love will come to you when it needs to. He will come to you and knock on your door when you least expect it. Maybe it will happen on a date on Tinder.

Maybe you’ll find it with the guy you went to school with. Or maybe you’ll find it with your high school sweetheart. Or maybe you’ll find it in a few years when you can truly accept it.

True love will show up when you are ready. It will happen when you trust yourself. It will happen when you can love yourself without someone by your side. It will happen when you don’t see it coming.

And you will never be the same again.

Because true love remains. He does not waver. He is not fragile. It’s armor. A bulletproof shield. True love lifts you when you don’t even know you need a helping hand.

True love hugs you when you need it most. Yes, true love will come into your life as long as you have patience. True love will come into your life as long as you know it will come to you.

Because you know you deserve it.

Understand that true love is worth waiting for. Don’t immerse yourself in something that will only be temporary. Don’t have a boyfriend just for fun.

Don’t settle for what’s insincere. Don’t settle for liars. Above all, don’t settle for players and people who don’t promise you anything.

You deserve better than that.

You, more than anyone, deserve true love. A great love. True love. Nothing less.

Maybe you have been hurt in the past. You may have been broken up by people you thought were true friends. And by people you thought were your forever lovers.

But don’t be afraid to find something real. Don’t be afraid to have feelings. Don’t be afraid of true love. He is real. And it will happen.

You just have to hold on.

Expect. To hope. To believe. Believe that you deserve it.

So please wait. The wait is worth it.

The past should serve as your pedestal!

Just because you haven’t known true love so far doesn’t mean you have to regret your past experiences.

Indeed, every relationship you have had, every partner that has come into your life, had a specific purpose. The one to teach you an important lesson.


You had to learn who you are and what you want from life as a couple.

If you look back, you can most definitely see that after each relationship you learned something new. For example, you have discovered that having children is not something that appeals to you.

Or you realized you wanted a partner who made family a priority.

Then you also surely learned that you need to be more patient and compassionate.

But above all, thanks to your past romantic relationships, you have understood that you should not compromise on the quality of the love that unites you with your partner.

You must have high standards and never settle for less.

These lessons are extremely important and many people never come to these conclusions.

So don’t regret what you’ve been through. Brandish your experiences as absolute pride.

Then wait patiently.

Your turn on the Ferris wheel of true love is about to come.

In the meantime, focus on yourself.

Give more time to your passions and your loved ones.

Be happy! Your happiness does not depend on the presence of a man in your life!

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