Money can’t buy happiness, so I want a good man!

Money can’t buy happiness, so I want a good man!

The development of technology and the power achieved by social networks have created a world of pretense.

You look at the posts of your friends or even those of complete strangers and you say: “Wow! I would so love to have the same life as her! “.

You compare yourself to these women who seem to have everything: love, success, health and beauty! In their world, everything seems perfect.

But, is this really the case? No, I do not think so. This image they show to the world is false. They are simply selling dreams.

For a few clicks, they are able to make you believe that they lead a luxurious life and that their partner showers them with expensive gifts.

But, it is only an illusion. It’s just a screen created to hide the sad truth: they don’t feel loved.

Indeed, they certainly get the attention of thousands or millions of subscribers but when you look at their personal life, it’s a desert!

They simply display a perfect life in order to make you dream and make you jealous. In fact, they show a facet of their life that is completely distorted.

They are neither rich nor happy. It’s just a temptation game.

Alone behind their screen

When the camera lights go out and the phone runs out of battery, it’s dead calm.

They are lonely. Indeed, they have no one to support them, listen to them or pamper them. All they have left is the reflection in the mirror.

And, they don’t like what they see. Indeed, these women lack self-confidence and self-esteem.

Their ego is fueled by the image they project to others, but when they find themselves alone, they can no longer hide.

Everything resurfaces! Flaws, problems and fears replace social media likes . On the one hand, they sell you dreams by making you believe that they have a rich partner who satisfies all their requirements.

Or, that they themselves are full of aces and, therefore, that they can afford any eccentricity.

But, in reality, they are unhappy. Because, even if they have a rich man by their side, he cannot meet their emotional needs by giving them gifts.

Happiness cannot be based on a material good. Of course, when you don’t have a financial problem, it makes your life much easier.

But this is only one criterion among many others. Achievement, love and personal development are much more important.

Personally, I’ve never been one to be impressed by luxury. Expensive cars or gold jewelry are not things that appeal to me.

Money is, of course, important but it is not my priority. As long as I have enough to live normally and meet my basic needs, that’s fine with me.

Indeed, I do not run after and, above all, I do not seek a rich man who will meet my needs.

If you want a fulfilling life, change your priorities!

For me, self-confidence is much more appealing than the latest Rolex. A sense of humor, patience and generosity are primary qualities that I look for in a man.

In short, I’m attracted to what money can’t buy. Besides, wouldn’t you be attracted to a man who is smart enough to stand up to you?

A romantic relationship without games, jokes and teasing would be really boring.

If you are attracted to wealth, get to work! Don’t look for a rich man who can buy you anything you want.

Focus on your personal and professional development and invest time in achieving your goal.

Don’t be passive and act!

Besides, if a man is not nice, how can you know for sure that you can trust him?

Indeed, trust is the foundation of all romantic, friendly and professional relationships.

Do you see what I mean? For my part, I do not see the point of being with a man to whom I would not entrust my life.

Why be in a relationship if you are not 100% sure that your man will stay by your side in difficult times?

Indeed, as an adult, you know perfectly well that life is not always easy. She has her ups and downs.

She puts obstacles and obstacles in your way. And, if you can’t rely on your partner to comfort you and help you through any challenge, why waste your time with them?

Money is fleeting while trust remains.

For me, compassion is the greatest of qualities so I could never be with a person who worships money.

I like to make people smile and bring joy to those around me. And, I need a man who is able to understand that mindset.

I want, in fact, a partner who will follow me in my delusions without judging or criticizing me.

But, that’s just my point of view.

Money can disappear overnight. Indeed, nowadays, we cannot be sure of anything.

And, even less of the economy and the financial stability in which we find ourselves. So I don’t see the point of putting a lot of pressure on myself to find a rich man.

Besides, how does a woman find this kind of partner? She goes around social networks to identify the right parties?

Or, does she sign up on dating sites with the intention of giving a chance only to those who seem to be rich?

I don’t know… It’s beyond me, to be honest. But the question I have is this:

If being rich is the only thing that can make you happy, why do you need a partner?

You don’t want to work? Hmm… I might be a bit judgmental about this. I just tell myself if a man has nothing else to offer, what kind of life are you going to live?

Certainly, you will be surrounded by luxury but that’s it! You won’t really have a partner, a best friend, a shoulder to cry on or someone to reach out to you when you’re at your worst.

The diamond is a woman’s best friend? I am not sure…

Me too, I like jewelry and diamonds. But, I don’t run after a man just because I think he has the ability to give me anything I want.

I am a strong and independent woman. And, I work hard to get what I want and achieve my dreams.

Besides, when I meet a man, I need a lot of time to determine if I like him or not.

Indeed, I don’t fall madly in love with him because of his looks or the wealth he seems to exuberate.

Besides, I want to have children. So, I want a kind and gentle man by my side.

Because he’s the only type of man I think can be a good father. And, a good example for my children.

Do not you think so ? In fact, it’s the things that money can’t buy that are most valuable in life.

Indeed, spending quality time with your half or sincerely caring about him or her are much more important personality traits.

Nothing can replace human warmth, love and tenderness. So it’s the attention your partner gives you that really makes you feel loved.

The ultimate question

In fact, the real question you need to ask yourself is, “What do I need to be happy and fulfilled?” “.

If your answer is wealth, you don’t really need a man. You can work hard and get rich, yourself.

Besides, wouldn’t it be unfair to play with a man’s feelings just because you’re attracted to his wallet?

Men are sensitive too and you shouldn’t behave with them in a way that you don’t like yourself.

If your answer is love. So you got it all figured out! So don’t run after a rich man. You will be able to work hand in hand to have money, if it is so important for you.

So, you must look for an honest, gentle and intelligent man. Someone who isn’t afraid to commit or talk about their feelings.

Your partner must deserve you as much as you deserve it. It’s a balance that has to work both ways.

Don’t be fooled by what you see on Instagram or Facebook. This is not reality! Remember: people who are truly happy and in love don’t flaunt their happiness on the Net.

Live happy, live hidden ! And, it is completely true. Why ? Because when you’re happy with who you are, with your partner, and with your life together, you don’t need validation from others.

Indeed, you do not need to be recognized for your beauty or for your riches because you know that what matters most is what you feel deep inside you.

You must therefore be at peace with yourself and serene about the life you lead.


If I hurt you in any way in this article, I’m sorry. But, I just want to draw your attention to the essential things in life.

I don’t want you waking up in 5 or 10 thinking you missed great opportunities just because you were chasing the money.

Being financially healthy is certainly important but it should not be the goal of your life. You must prioritize your mental and physical well-being.

Your happiness depends on you and the loving relationship you have managed to develop with your partner.

On good terms!

Money can't buy happiness, so I want a good man!

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