Love Will Knock Again at Your Door!

Love Will Knock Again at Your Door

Love Will Knock Again at Your Door!

Will I find love? Yes, do not worry! 

I know… At this precise moment, you think that you will never fall in love again. But it’s wrong!

I am aware that you are not a skeptical woman. Indeed, you do not doubt your potential and the value that you can bring to a couple’s relationship.

Indeed, you know perfectly well that someone will be interested in you one day and want to be by your side.

Yes, you are aware of that… Simply, something is missing deep in your being.

You forgot how to love someone else right? Indeed, you are not sure that you can give and receive affection freely.

Why? Because your last romantic relationship completely broke you. Yes, I know you hate to say things like that but it’s the truth.

Using the word “broken” can sound completely melodramatic since you’re talking about yourself.

After all, you are a human being able to live, love, and go on with your life without any problem.

You never take days off from work. In the morning, when you get dressed, you slip one leg after the other into your pants.

You are strong and productive and you bring a lot to society. So it’s not like you’re falling apart.

An emptiness deep in your being.

Yet something inside you just doesn’t seem to belong. Lately, you no longer feel butterflies deep in your stomach.

When a man caresses you with his tender hand, you do not bend under the sensuality of his touch.

Besides, even when you are surrounded by many people, you feel alone and empty.

Where before you were full of energy and positivity, now you’re bland.

Your light has become dull. You don’t shine anymore! So you forgot what it felt like to stay up late at night exchanging messages with a man you like.

How do you manage to spend hours preparing for a romantic date? You don’t know anymore!

Of course, you can experience the emotions of intimacy, but you have lost the ability to feel emotionally naked and exposed to someone.

That part of you that you could so easily give to another person is gone. And, you don’t know why.

Will she be gone forever? This is THE question you ask yourself. But, here is my answer: no!

It is only a difficult phase to live!

Indeed, this part of you has not completely disappeared. She is always there. Simply, she hid herself well!

Of course, I can’t tell you for sure what’s going to happen. After all, I’m not a fortune teller so nothing I predict is 100% sure.

But, what I can confirm to you is that I was in your place. I was that heartbroken woman.

Indeed, I was disappointed and hurt by love. In short, I have been to the exact place where you are now.

You doubt the present and the future. You doubt your chances of finding love. And, you doubt yourself!

The truth is that love always comes back! You’re just not ready for it yet.

Why aren’t you ready? Quite simply because you are still comparing your current partners to those of your past.

That spark, that fires deep in your soul, and that magic that you desperately want to feel are not organic emotions.

Besides, you don’t want to experience those feelings again. You are in the fog!

Unconsciously, you seek to rebuild the same spark that you had with one or more of your exes.

You’re not ready for love because you’re not open to a new crush.

In reality, the intimacy you seek, wherever your heart truly desires, is not a real call to love.

Indeed, you want to recreate what you felt in the past. So, you desperately want to be understood as you have been by someone else in your past.

Right now you are haunted by the emptiness, monotony, and disillusionment of your life, but that doesn’t mean your life is going to be devoid of love forever.

It only indicates that the form of love you seek is absent from your heart. So that’s what you want.

And here’s the catch: it’s exactly this idea of ​​love that you have to let die to allow another to germinate.

Indeed, before love comes back into your life, you have to get rid of the expectations you have regarding this feeling.

In your head, you have created a specific mold into which you have forced the particular mental idea that you associate with love.

Well, you have to forget about all that! Thus, you must stop expecting a specific, predetermined, and planned love.

You can’t relive the past. Besides, you shouldn’t try to continue perpetrating what you’ve already been through.

Otherwise, you will never be able to make room for true love, the one you deserve and that will make you happy.

I’ll tell you one thing, the next time you fall in love, it will take you by surprise.

Indeed, unconditional love is never predictable!

Expect surprises.

First, you will be surprised to see the man in front of you. How did you find each other? Why specifically him?

Then you will be surprised by how your love story will unfold. The ease and fluidity of your story will be incredibly enjoyable for you.

And, the biggest surprise for you will be to see that this love has nothing to do with everything you’ve been through so far.

What you will feel will be completely new and unique. You will search your memories to see if you have ever felt this and you will find that you have not.

It will be a whole new beast! Love has not yet manifested in your life because you continue to use a method that has been used and abused for too long.

It is no longer effective and it can no longer help you find what your heart desires. You are simply looking for love in the wrong place!

You look at the places where you lost it and you hope to find it. But, that’s not how it works.

Indeed, you must accept the fact that this feeling is absent from these places because you must move forward.

You can’t recreate the past and expect to find a bright future there!

Do you wanna know the truth about love?

As surprising as it may seem, you will only find love when you are happy in its absence!

Once your heart, mind, and soul are filled with a fiery passion for the world around you, you will find love.

Indeed, it is only when your interactions with people become calm, soothing, and easy that you will be able to open yourself again to the idea of ​​love.

After all, love is being able to give without expecting anything in return. This is the spiritual stage you must reach before you love and be loved.

So when you can present yourself to the world with a whole heart, hour after hour, day after day, you will finally be ready.

But, until then, you have to be patient. There’s nothing wrong with taking your time.

Indeed, you must accept the fact that your healing will not happen overnight.

It will take time for you to heal and feel strong again. So, for the moment, you have the right to feel alone, tired, and confused.

No one said love was easy to define or find. So, if you doubt his appearance in your life and especially if you wonder when he will come back, know that it is normal.

For the moment, you are convinced that you will never fall in love again. But, wasn’t there also a moment when you thought you would never stop loving?

You were wrong! So why can’t you see you’re wrong this time too?

Except that being wrong in this case means that something unexpected and incomparable awaits you. You will indeed discover a beauty and a unique plenitude.

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