I’m Not Dating the Wrong Men, I’m Just in the Wrong Generation

Dating the Wrong Men? Or the Wrong Generation?

I’m Not Dating the Wrong Men, I’m Just in the Wrong Generation

I’m tired of it: I’m constantly being told that my bad luck in dating is supposed because I chose the wrong man. I’m sure my selection process isn’t a problem because I meet all different kinds of men. 

Also, I don’t have a specific type of man in mind and I’m just looking for a steady relationship. I know what my problem is – that I’m dating in the wrong era.

I believe in true love and that it’s worth waiting for the right one – like in a bad movie. And that’s my problem. Because I’m not prepared for what’s going to happen these days.

People no longer meet purely by chance

I often want to make eye contact with men and try to have conversations with them, but in the real world, they’re constantly staring at their phones.

When men cross my path these days, they usually already have dates or someone they can have casual love with, because thanks to technology, our options are unlimited. And to be honest, it’s hard for me to keep up.

Men have an easier time acting like cowards

Nobody is sincere anymore these days. If I date men and they don’t like me, they just cut ties – it’s as simple as that. In my eyes, most men act like cowards.

You can also end such a thing respectfully and easily solve it with a conversation. But why would men do that when they might as well ignore all my texts and pretend I don’t exist?

People live in a fantasy world 

We can just go online today and meet so many people at once in a short period. It’s really hard to present yourself as a good catch. So many perfect pictures on Instagram – half of them are certainly edited with Photoshop.

All of this signals to men that they can have so much more since the supply is so great. This severely limits the chance of finding a man who will take the time to get to know me. The attention span is short these days. Because the next woman can appear on the screen at any time.

For many men, online dating is just free love

Of course, there are men out there who are nice and sincere. But even these men gradually turn into love-addicted monsters and no longer respect the special aspects of a serious relationship.

They’ve discovered that they don’t have to work hard to have love, and it’s all without commitment. It sounds great! If you ask me – I hate it. Real love is scarce anymore and men celebrate by picking up one after the other.

Chivalry isn’t what it used to be 

When was the last time a man picked you up or took you to your door? Instead, he writes a message before driving off to the rendezvous point. We no longer get serious compliments, but rather ridiculous Facebook likes and emojis.

Instead of sending you a bouquet, he sends you pictures of his penis to show you how much he likes you. Are there still gentlemen these days? I doubt it!

Love seems to be more important than love

Do men still know how beautiful love is? Do you know what it’s like to be so happy with someone that you want to grow old together? It’s about building a life together and supporting each other in good times and bad and being there for each other.

And it’s not about pulling the ripcord for every little thing. Men don’t value true love anymore. It’s more convenient for them to take a woman out for a few drinks and then get laid at home.

Nobody is mysterious anymore

Thanks to social media, we have it easy and can easily find people and all their information and photos from the last few years. We can find out what their preferences are, what they like to eat, where they hang out, and who they hang out with.

You hardly get to know each other personally anymore, but you judge people by what they share on social media.

We have an extremely large selection 

It’s pretty frustrating knowing that men are disappearing again when you’re having a good time and having fun together. Even if the date went well, it doesn’t mean there will be a second date.

Whether you’ve been dating a man online or offline, you can expect him to be talking to other women at the same time and trying to keep it simple. This is the painful reality that never seems to end.

There is a lack of honesty and trust 

I’ve been single for four years and in that time I’ve rarely seen a man end things in an honest and considerate manner. And as soon as I confronted men about disrespecting me, they turned in their tails and stopped speaking to me.

I’ve dated many men who casually date other women, even though I’ve been loyal. So many men suddenly disappeared and I found out afterward that they met someone else. 

So don’t tell me about picking the wrong guys. And don’t deny that this dating generation is messed up.

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