I want a real relationship, not an almost relationship

I want a real relationship, not an almost relationship

I don’t want an almost boyfriend. I don’t want an improved friendship. I don’t want a one-night stand. I don’t want an unattached relationship. I want real. I want someone who is committed and not someone full of clichéd excuses for not being ready for a relationship.

I want someone who sees me as their first priority and not a second choice. I want someone who makes efforts and not just the minimum to keep me.

I want someone who keeps his promises and not makes empty promises. I want someone who gives me every reason to stay, not more reasons to leave. I want someone who introduces me as his girlfriend and not pretends we’re just friends.

I want someone who makes plans with me for the weekend and not waits until the last minute to check my availability. I want someone who takes me to dinner and the movies and not hides me in his room with Netflix for his only company. I want someone who’s there whenever I need him, not just running away and never telling me when he’ll be back.

I want someone who will introduce me to his parents and take me home for the holidays, not just text me and wish me a Merry Christmas, like I don’t matter. I want someone who kisses me on the mouth and not just on the neck while we have love. I want someone who hugs me after I sleep with me and not leaves the minute it’s over.

I want someone who tells me the truth about their feelings and not sends me mixed signals that I have to take the time to interpret. I want someone who stays loyal to me and not who flirts with the first pretty girl that comes along. I want someone who gives me what I deserve and not takes everything from me until I have nothing left to give.

I don’t want to spend my day writing to someone who never has time to see me in person. I don’t want to flirt with someone like they’re my boyfriend, never putting a label on our relationship. I don’t want to devote all my energy to someone who never gives me anything in return.

I’m tired of this modern dating era , where there are very few dating . I’m tired of harboring false hopes and always ending up disappointed. I refuse to continue wasting my time for people who are important to me, but for whom I represent nothing.

I don’t want a one-sided relationship with no balance. I don’t want an almost relationship that’s going nowhere. I want a real relationship. A relationship in which I am respected. A relationship in which I receive love and affection.

From now on, I won’t settle for anything less.

I want a real relationship, not an almost relationship


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