How to know if a man likes you

How to know if a man likes you

” How do I know if he likes me ? is the eternal question that women ask themselves. We meet an interesting man and we would like to get to know him better, even go out with him. However, a small voice inside us, puts us in doubt: “what if he doesn’t like me? “. What are the signs of a man troubled by a woman?

For fear of being rejected or humiliated, we dare not venture to ask him directly if he would like to go further: you want to get out of the “acquaintance” or “friendship” phase and start a serious relationship with this man , but you lack confidence.

Do not worry ! It’s a pretty common feeling. The standards of our modern society are that men have all the power and so women have learned to leave the reins to them. However, we see today that things are changing little by little (and it was about time).

Women no longer want to wait for men to decide to ask them if they want to be in a romantic relationship with them: they want to decide and take matters into their own hands.

Despite this, some do not dare to confess their feelings and finally ask the question: “Do you want to go out with me? “. And they hesitate, because they wonder what are the signs emitted by a man disturbed by a woman.

To encourage you in this process, we have prepared a list of typical behaviors of a man who likes you. Thanks to this, you will be able to be sure of what he feels for you and finally dare to take the plunge.

The 20 signs that prove that a man is attracted to you:

1. He asks you tons of questions

He can’t help it: he talks again and again. But not from him! If he talks so much, it’s because he asks you a lot of questions. He tries to get to know you better: he is curious and interested. He wants to know everything about you: what you like and dislike.

If he is attentive to your answers, it is a very good sign. First of all, it proves that what you say means a lot to him. Second, it shows that his attention is on you and not himself. He put himself in the background to give you room to express yourself.

2. His behavior and his smile

You realize that when he is with you, his behavior changes. When you’re around, he tries to act cooler and quieter than usual. He’s not as talkative and outgoing with you as he is with his friends.

Plus, he can’t help but smile. You put him in a good mood and everything you say brings him joy. Likewise, it proves that when you are together, he tries to create a pleasant atmosphere, trying to make you feel comfortable.

3. He looks you in the eye

Many people misinterpret this sign. They think that if a man looks at your chest or your assets, in general, he is interested in you. It is completely false! It only proves that he is attracted to your physique. On the other hand, a guy who looks you straight in the eye when you talk is interested in you.

This way, he tries to show you that your personality interests him and that everything you say is important to him. By looking into your eyes, he seeks to establish an intimate relationship. So please maintain that eye contact.

4. He ignores you

You didn’t think his trying to ignore you was a sign that you were into it, did you? Well, yes! Some men like to show that they are difficult to understand and to have. Yet in this way, they are simply looking to boost your interest in them.

A guy can also come across as nervous and shy when talking to a girl he’s attracted to, so ignoring her is a defense mechanism. If you feel like this is the case with the guy you’re attracted to, try to put him at ease by smiling sweetly at him.

5. He asks for your phone number

This sign is quite clear. If he’s looking for your phone number, he’s interested in you and wants to stay in touch. If he responds quickly to your messages or calls, you’ve piqued his interest.

But beware ! Some men just want to collect phone numbers. If he texts you late at night or calls you once a week, he’s only looking for a one-night stand!

6. He wants you to be connected on social networks

If he’s making an effort to follow your social media accounts, like Facebook or Instagram, then he’s interested in you. When a man is attracted to a woman, he will talk with her on Messenger, regardless of the time, comment on her photos and follow her activities.

7. “Do you have a boyfriend?” »

There are not 36 ways to interpret this question. He wouldn’t ask you if he wasn’t interested in you. Still, some men aren’t going to be direct. They’ll talk to you about being single and hope you admit to yourself that you’re single.

You must therefore be attentive to all types of mentions of this kind.

8. He accidentally brushes past you

If he tries to touch you (shoulder, arm, etc.), he finds you lovely! This kind of relationship gives him energy and helps him build physical intimacy, in addition to emotional one. He can’t help brushing against you, because it gives him a feeling of conquest.

9. He gets jealous

Jealousy is a strong feeling that most men have a hard time controlling. If you see him nervous and restless when talking to another man, he’s under your spell. Despite himself, he gauges the competition and tries to see if this intruder can pose a threat to your future relationship.

Restore his self-confidence by paying attention to him. Show him that you are also interested in him and that he has no reason to be jealous.

10. He remembers everything you said to him.

Down to the smallest details… Let’s be honest! Men aren’t good at remembering the different conversations we’ve had with them. However, a man interested in you will know that you told him about the fact that you applied for a new job and he will ask you how the interview went!

This proves that he thinks of you all the time and that he seeks to stay connected and to develop your relationship, beyond friendship.

11. He teases you

Do you remember little Paul pulling your hair in kindergarten? Well yes ! Paul, you like… It’s the same with men: they tease because they’re trying to get your attention.

Looking for a reaction from you is how a man who is attracted to you will reveal his true feelings.

12. He doesn’t look at other girls

It is quite normal for a man (and a woman!) to look around: he looks for an attractive woman and his gaze remains fixed on her. It’s stronger than him! Yet a man interested in a relationship with you is only fixated on you.

He gives you his full attention and seeks to prove to you that no one else exists.

13. He helps you

Your car has broken down, but you have to go to a dental appointment? No worries, it’s here! Your knight in protruding armor will solve all your problems. He doesn’t just want to look like a hero to you.

He’s trying to show you that you can trust him and that he’s someone you can lean on. No matter what, he will always be there for you and help you overcome any difficulty.

14. He seeks to prolong the discussion

He’s looking for a few more moments with you? It’s simply because he finds it difficult to say “goodbye” to you and to separate from you. He doesn’t know how to end the conversation and turn his back on you to leave.

It seems to you that you could talk all night without being bored by the other. This is a clear sign: you are no longer in the friendship phase, but you are entering into a deeper and more intimate relationship.

15. When he’s with you, he doesn’t use his phone.

Everyone is obsessed with their phone these days. Therefore, when you meet a guy who gives you his full attention and doesn’t look at his screen every two seconds when you’re talking with him, he’s very interested in you.

These types of people pay more attention to what you say so they can reuse the details of your conversation later when he moves into the seduction phase. It may seem insignificant, but in reality, this behavior says a lot about his character and his feelings towards you.

16. He compliments you

When a man is attracted to a woman, he will notice things in her personality that even she may sometimes be unaware of. In addition, he will appreciate certain character traits or changes that others will not even notice: a new haircut, for example.

He’s not going to be afraid to compliment you on your outfit or any quality you have. The more compliments you receive, the more interesting you are to him.

17. He introduces you to his friends

Just the thought of him wanting to introduce you to his friends is a revelation in itself. He is proud to know you and seeks to show you to the people who are closest to him. This way he wants to impress you.

Surely he has already told his friends about you and wants to show you what group of people surrounds him. He wants to show you that you belong with him and that you will have no trouble fitting into his circle of friends.

18. He talks about his plans

Besides, he insists on having these conversations. He wants to talk to you about his goals and plans for the future to test your reaction and gauge how you can fit into his future.

And he may also seek to impress you. Indeed, he may be trying to prove to you that he is not a failure and that he has thought about what he wants. He has planned his life and will do everything to achieve his goals. And what’s more attractive than a confident man?

19. He subconsciously imitates your gestures.

Imitating the gestures of the person in front of you is a subconscious reaction. When you admire and respect someone, you tend to mimic their behavior.

This can come in several forms. He may start to adopt the same rhythm or the same intonation as you, to use the same words, to cross his arms when you do it, etc.

20. Her face and body tell you everything you need to know

Men are pretty transparent when it comes to body language: a man will position himself directly in front of you and will tend to lean towards you if he’s attracted to you.

On the other hand, if his feet or his body in general are not turned towards you, but towards the door, he is not interested in a romantic relationship with you.

Once you have analyzed his behavior, you will be sure of his feelings towards you. The decision will then rest in your hands: do you want to start a relationship with him or not? Now that you know he’s showing all the signs of a man troubled by a woman, are you still interested in him?

When you have answered these questions, get started! Ask him if he wants to go out with you. Do not be afraid of rejection and do not apprehend his reaction. Trust us, if he shows the signs listed above, he is already won over and is surely no longer waiting for you to reach out to him. Good luck !

How to know if a man likes you


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