How to find a soul mate and restore your belief in “true love”.

How to find a soul mate and restore your belief in “true love”.

Have you been deep in a relationship in the past and are wondering how to restore your faith in true love and relationships? Here are 5 ways to fall back into love.

Everyone has had bad relationships at some point in their life that shattered their faith in true love. Toxic partners and the wrong kind of relationships can not only take a toll on you emotionally, but also blind you to the possibility of true love.

The person who hurt you didn’t deserve you, nor was they your true love. What if your true love and soulmate are just around the corner? Isn’t true love all about getting a leap of faith?

“Love can cost a lot, but not loving always costs more, and those who are afraid to love often break free of the emptiness that robs life of joy.” – Merle Shain

If you have given up looking for love and feel like there is no one out there for you, you are not alone.

A survey found that 12 percent of people (mostly women and some who are in a relationship) don’t think they will ever fall in love. If that’s really your belief, your reality will likely match that expectation.

But that doesn’t necessarily have to be your truth. You can consciously change your attitude, change your situation and learn how to free yourself from love. You can let go of the fear of getting hurt and stop spinning pointless stories that are holding you back.

5 suggestions to help you restore faith in true love.

1. Celebrate yourself and build your confidence.

Trying to break free from love is often accompanied by disguise or projections of what you believe someone will love you instead of being your authentic self. You are lovely. You have many natural qualities.

Can you recognize them for yourself? Make a list of your positive qualities. If you’re not sure, ask friends or family what they like about you. Practice liking yourself the way you are through practical exercises. This is how you build self-confidence, which is very attractive to others.

2. Adopt a pet to understand unconditional love.

Whether you adopt a dog, cat, or parrot, these animals will teach you about unconditional love. They accept you as you are and seek your attention—your love—whether you’re feeling fat, broke, tired, or whatever.

“Our perfect companions are never less than four feet.”
– Colette

They show you how to really be present and content in every moment, no matter what. They identify true love in a way that causes your brain to trigger “feel good” responses that trigger a deeper awareness of love. They prepare you for the real (human) thing.

3. Allow yourself to feel and be vulnerable.

Let go of all problems When you surrender to the flow of life, you align with the laws of nature and are connected to divine love.

When you’re stuck in self-limiting beliefs, you fill up with tension that prevents you from receiving — or seeing — the love that is readily available. Yoga, meditation, mindfulness and qi gong are all helpful strategies to open yourself to the true essence and energies of true love.

4. Break free from a new hobby.

Many of the respondents complained that they could not find new people in their social environment. Why don’t you expand this circle? Try a new sport, a new craft, take an art or language class. Do something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time. Make it a priority.

“Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.”

You will benefit from learning something new while meeting someone with similar interests. That’s what we call a win-win situation.

5. Change your negative self-talk.

Recently, a young man posted 10 lines on Facebook saying, “I will never set love free.” He’s reinforcing a belief that is influencing his behavior and becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. He emits negative “vibes” that contribute to his being undesirable.

“Loving yourself starts with liking yourself, and with respecting yourself, and with thinking positively about yourself.”

Watch your self-talk and if it’s self-critical, it’s time to change it. If the FB man had said, “I will set love free,” he would have felt — and acted — very differently. Visualize the perfect partner coming your way; hold on to that vision and it will happen.

One final piece of advice: don’t set yourself a time frame before committing to the right person. The more you let go of all limitations, the easier the magic will unfold.

Trust the process and mostly see it as an adventure and be joyful the whole time. But be warned: you can break free with new challenges while transforming yourself into a love magnet.

The concept of true love and releasing a soulmate may be scoffed at by many, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Everyone deserves to be happy and have someone special in their life. After all, love makes the world round, and without it life would be so colorless. What are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate to fall in love. Try these 5 ways to set your soulmate free and live happily ever after.

How to find a soul mate and restore your belief in "true love".

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