How to counter these 10 Bad reasons for a separation?

How to counter these 10 Bad reasons for a separation?

What are the bad reasons for a separation?

And is it possible to avoid them to save your marriage?

Once the rose-colored glasses from the beginning of the relationship are gone and you are stuck in a phase of your relationship where you can run into problems, you have to overcome them.

When this is not possible, problems often turn into reasons for separation. Often these reasons are actually bad reasons for a separation.

And when the time comes to separate, everything explodes!

The cloud of the breakup on the couple

How to separate?

Is breaking up the only solution?

For some couples, the honeymoon phase lasts quite a long time. Indeed, from the start, the two partners established good communication, they agreed on what they wanted and on the direction that their relationship was taking.

Generally, couples who spend less time together stay in this phase for longer. Indeed, it is easier to see only the qualities of your other half when you do not live together or when you have a well-established couple routine.

Couples who live together or, in any case, who spend a lot of time together notice their partner’s faults more quickly.

When your man leaves his dirty socks lying around everywhere, you lose patience.

When you forget to take out the trash for the third time this week, your man gets mad.

In short, daily obligations, stress and being constantly together can create tension and lead the couple to the brink of breaking up.

Besides, there are many bad reasons for a separation. And today we are going to analyze them together and see how you can save your relationship despite everything.

Sometimes breaking up is the only thing to do. But sometimes it can be avoided if both partners want to make efforts and compromises.

The wrong reasons for a separation: how to move forward?


In 90% of cases, the breakup of a couple can be avoided. Indeed, often conflicts within a romantic relationship are due to stress and a lack of communication.

So, separating is not necessarily the solution. You have to work on the source of the problem.

If both partners love and respect each other, it is possible to avoid separation.

Attention ! I’m not saying I’m against breaking up. In some cases, it is unavoidable and mandatory.

If there is any form of abuse in your relationship, you must leave without looking back.

If you know you’re no longer in love and the feelings won’t return, leave too!

But if you find yourself in the situation of one of these bad reasons for a separation, I reassure you, there is a solution.

Separating is not always the right solution!

1/10 bad reasons for a separation: infidelity


Cheating can easily become a problem, especially in long-term relationships. When routine has returned to your own relationship and there is probably a lull in bed as well, infidelity can easily occur.

For many couples, the betrayal of trust is too great and the deception ultimately leads to separation.

What to do in case of infidelity?

If you broke up after your partner had an affair, you need to be careful not to continue to hold a grudge or mourn your partner for a long time after the breakup.

You’ve been hurt and you should take time to express your anger and sadness, but this phase shouldn’t last forever.

Start having fun, talk a lot with your friends and look to the future with renewed strength and optimism!

Then you have to think back to your couple.

If the infidelity was temporary and your partner says he’s sorry, you may be able to go to couples therapy to avoid the breakup.

On the other hand, if your man is a chronic infidel, forget it!

2/10 bad reasons for a separation: lack of time for each other


In the beginning, you spent every free minute together and experienced a lot together. But whether it’s a tough new job, a time-consuming hobby, or stress in other areas of life, you can’t find time for each other.

Not spending quality time together and just living side by side can eventually lead to separation.

What to do in case of lack of time?

Even if you both have stressful daily lives, it’s important to spend enough time with your partner without disruptive factors such as cell phones or work.

How about taking a fixed evening of the week that you have just for you?

This way you know when you have time for each other and can fully focus on yourself and your relationship.

3/10 bad reasons for a separation: arguments are frequent


At first, you might smile at your partner’s little quirks, but the longer you’ve been together, the more often each other’s bad habits drive you crazy.

Whether there are different opinions on personal hygiene or order in the apartment, there are countless hidden friction points in everyday life.

If it is not possible to find compromises, unwashed dishes can also become one of the ten bad reasons for a separation.

What to do in case of disputes?

If you have different views of the order, it can be useful to have fixed tasks.

This way you get more structure and even the chaotic of the two knows exactly what to do.

If you have different ideas about personal hygiene, you should not criticize your partner.

It’s best to make suggestions, such as having a feel-good day together or gently letting your partner know what’s bothering you.

4/10 bad reasons for a separation: different visions of the future


If one of the partners has a firm desire to have children and the other is certain that he does not want children, this can quickly lead to a separation.

It is difficult to find compromises, especially when both have very clear ideas.

Because ideas like a certain number of children influence the future enormously – so if it is impossible to reunite here, a separation can really be the best solution.

What to do in case of different visions of the future?

If your different ideas about the future were a reason for your separation, then it certainly wasn’t an easy decision. Because in this situation the love for the partner is usually still very strong.

Now it is important to keep a clear view of the situation and realize that the relationship literally had no future. That’s why you shouldn’t go carelessly back to your partner – because in the end the different ideas for the future will remain.

Yet, don’t they say that only idiots don’t change their minds?

If you’re both still in love and have trouble living apart, you can go to therapy to see if there’s common ground you both can accept.

Besides, perhaps one of you has already changed your mind on the subject in question.

5/10 bad reasons for a separation: the lies


One or the other lie has already been exposed in your relationship and has affected mutual trust.

Especially when small lies keep repeating themselves, the relationship can be permanently damaged and even lead to a breakup in the end.

What to do in case of lies?

Often, one partner’s jealousy is a reason why the other partner prefers not to tell the whole truth for fear of arguments.

In such a situation, it is important to recognize one’s own behavior and that of the other. Talk about it openly. This can prevent you from falling into certain patterns which are ultimately one of the bad reasons for a separation.

6/10 bad reasons for a separation: lack of communication


For example, if it often happens in your relationship that after an argument nothing is said about it and you both wait for the grass to grow on it, a lack of communication can quickly become one of the bad things. reasons for separation.

What to do in case of lack of communication?

Speak !

Of course, it’s important to use an appropriate tone of voice. But you should always share your thoughts and feelings with your partner, even if it sometimes seems difficult.

This way solutions and compromises can be found together without negative feelings building up.

7/10 bad reasons for a separation: the lack of tenderness


In a long-term relationship, where routine has gradually set in, topics such as tenderness and romance often slip by the wayside.

In the evening, on the sofa, everyone lies comfortably in a corner instead of snuggling up and love also falls into the water.

If at some point tenderness falls into oblivion, it can quickly become one of the bad reasons for a separation.

What to do in case of lack of tenderness?

Just hug your partner or snuggle up to them on the sofa, take their hand as you go out and look deep into each other’s eyes.

Although these small gestures may not be routine at first, they can certainly make a long-term difference and bring tenderness back into your relationship.

8/10 bad reasons for a separation: the lack of personal space


Feeling limited is not good for any partnership.

Whether it’s because of roommates, a common circle of friends or another need for closeness, if you feel restricted in the relationship, it quickly becomes one of the bad reasons for a separation. the most frequent.

What to do in case of lack of personal space?

In order to give more freedom to your partner or to obtain more freedom yourself, it is advisable to agree on 1-2 fixed days per week when everyone has time for themselves.

In this way, the potential for conflict is eliminated at this point and the necessary freedom is granted.

9/10 bad reasons for a separation: jealousy


If a night out at the bar with your best friend becomes a problem or your partner’s cell phone is looked at critically and it ends in an argument, jealousy can quickly spell the end of a relationship.

Low self-confidence or bad past experiences are often the triggers. And this is one of the bad reasons for a separation that causes the most damage.

What to do in case of jealousy?

Here too, the key word is: communication.

Especially if your partner has had bad experiences in the past, it’s important to be open about their fears, feelings, and desires.

It’s also important to find compromises so that both of you feel comfortable and can bond.

10/10 bad reasons for a separation:


After a few years of relationship or possibly after the first child, a lull in bed may occur.

But often one partner has a brighter libido than the other and frustration arises.

Even in long-term relationships at a young age, a lull in bed can lead to the end of the relationship when one partner feels they lack love.

What to do in case of  problems?

Talk as often as possible about what you like, what you want to do, and what you’ve always wanted to try.

Whether it’s workshops, books, or your own imagination, there are plenty of ways to help get your own and your partner’s libido back on track.

Communication is the only way to remedy these bad reasons for a separation


What ultimately leads to separation can be very different.

However, what is essential to preventing most bad reasons for a separation is open and honest communication with the partner.

As soon as something in your relationship bothers you, you must seek dialogue and openly communicate your desires, fears and feelings.

This way, you can work together on solutions and prevent the most common reasons for separation.

But how to part healthily?

Whatever happens, you have to keep a cool head. Don’t feel guilty and try to distract yourself as best you can.

Do lots of things with friends and pursue your hobbies.

You should also look back on your failed relationship so that you can learn from it and prevent similar situations from happening again in the future.

Once the relationship is over, it’s time to fully focus on yourself so you can come out of the situation stronger and be able to pursue your personal goals undisturbed.

How to counter these 10 Bad reasons for a separation?

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