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How Each Sign Dismulates An Unreturned Love

An Unreturned Love

How Each Sign Dismulates An Unreturned Love

There is something that hurts a lot to understand, but once you do, your perspective on love changes completely. I’m telling you from the bottom of my heart, that people don’t disappoint you, what hurts you is the expectations you had of them. Falling in love rarely asks permission, it comes into your life and shakes your thoughts until you are breathless. Suddenly, that person becomes part of your priorities, but what happens when they don’t feel the same way? How does each zodiac sign hide unrequited love?


There are those who often describe you as a being of stone, who don’t care if someone comes and tramples on your feelings, but that’s not the case. You also suffer for love, you tell the walls of your room how heartbroken you feelIt’s very hard, but you have the guts to embrace the pain. You know it won’t be forever, but in the meantime, you smile as if nothing is happening. 


Often, you demand too much of yourself, and you are very strict with your actions, especially those of the past. You think you could have done smarter things. Taurus, the heart does not understand logic, it simply moves your emotions and makes you deceive yourself, imagining a future next to someone who barely responds to a message. Even though it hurts, he is telling you what his true intentions are. 


You master the superficial without any problem and it is not because you are false, it is just that you are tired of dealing with the comments of people who do not even know what is inside you. Gemini, you prefer to raise your head and continue being you. Inside you are having a very bad time, heartbreak makes you wonder so many things and at the same time awakens your insecurities, but you are not going to show it. 


You can’t avoid the pain, it’s there, in the scar that person left you by making you believe they wanted something more when in reality they were just passing through. His way of getting excited came out perfectly, you trusted every word and your heart raced. It’s not easy to turn the page, but you have a very reckless side, once they touch it your pride decides for you and you disappear. 


You may cry for a couple of days, even weeks, it depends on how deep that love was, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to break down forever, much less that you’re going to mourn someone who didn’t value you. It is your courage that tells you that you must move forward. Life is too short to give space to hate in your heart or beg someone. That never. 


Virgo, some signs of the zodiac cling to the past, they do not let new loves knock on their door, because they allow that ghost to continue tormenting them when love, caressing, or talking. It was an unrequited love, something that made you feel like the most devalued person, but you’re not going to fall apart. You already have order in your life and your lack of love does not deserve so much importance. 


You try, you do everything in your power to stay calm, because you don’t want them to tell you that you’re going to be okay, you already know that, but in the moment you feel sunk in sadness. You need a space in which you can download what you kept, emotional purification is what revives your soul. Therefore, your friends and family become your support network. 


Usually, where you put your eye, you put the bullet, you tend to be very precise in matters of the heart and also demanding. That is why you do not let yourself be charmed by any of your suitors. You can have a thousand behind you, however, if you already like someone you are faithful even with your eyes. Scorpio, the bad thing is that he can’t always reciprocate, that breaks you, so you take your time to heal and get back on track. 


Cry for love? Of course, what happened to you, you are as human as the rest and your heart often cannot resist. There comes a point where you let the magic do its thing in your head and that’s when you anchor yourself to an ideal that only exists in your imagination. A moment of happiness falls when the person confesses to you that he does not have the same intentions. So you have nothing left but to move forward, sometimes sad, other times happy, but overcoming disappointment every day. 


What happens to you when you experience unrequited love is that you blame yourself too much. That is, it bothers you that you invested your loyalty and your details in someone who from the beginning showed clear signs of indifference. You would like to go back in time, look at yourself, and warn yourself that it is not there. However, the past has no remedy. So, it’s your turn to forgive yourself, today is a good day to try. 


You are a very sensitive sign, although you have a distracted side, deep down you always indulge until you lose your mind. Aquarius, the problem is that you find good points in that person and you focus only on that, ignoring the red flags. Now, with a cool mind and paying more attention to how what happened to you, you can free yourself from all that chaos that overwhelms your soul. 


One way to describe your emotions after a disappointment in love, without a doubt, is by comparing them to a hurricane, you never know for sure how hard you are going to hit everything in your path. You are usually a very dedicated, loyal, and intense person. That makes the relationship that never started become a crisis. For a long time, you stay away from love, but sooner or later, you come back stronger. 

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