How a Strong Woman Heals Her Broken Heart Differently

Strong Woman Heals

How a Strong Woman Heals Her Broken Heart Differently

A broken heart is never easy to take, even for a strong woman. Breakups and heartbreak are just as painful to her as any woman, but how she navigates the fear and heals her broken heart shows just how strong she is. Releasing strength in lovesickness is what a strong woman will do.

We can probably all agree that a strong woman has a hard time winning in a relationship and is constantly heartbroken. For a strong woman, love is sacred when she has to give all or nothing and there is no in-between.

She will find you halfway because she loves you with all her heart. She loves and loves until she forgets that she is being taken for granted by someone who has not understood how to love properly.

Then her heart gets broken over and over again.

When a strong woman’s heart is broken, the first thing she does is blame no one but herself.

She won’t even blame the person who broke it. She will wonder why she trusted this person in the first place and why she didn’t believe in her intuition instead. She will analyze why she fell for this person and how she was able to ignore the first signs of lovesickness.

She will cry herself out at night so no one will hear her sobs, and in the morning she will be the woman she once was. She will go about all her chores and chores as if nothing had happened, and to anyone who asks her, she will automatically reply, “I’m fine.”

When she’s ready, she’ll start talking to a loved one or two about her pain. She won’t share her pain with anyone because she doesn’t seek attention and she knows that sooner or later she will be fine.

If her heart is broken, she will never ask anyone to fix it; she knows that only she can fix it.

When she starts to heal and get back up, she will try to take one step at a time. Even when it’s difficult, instead of mourning her loss, she will turn her pain into something meaningful in her life by writing, drawing, reading, exercising, or helping others.

She fully understands that she should not be enjoying her pain and that she must move on.

She will make her pain her main drive to achieve her goals and to seek her deepest passion. She does not intend to take revenge because she believes that karma exists.

When a strong woman has a broken heart, she’s looking for life lessons rather than drama.

She will do her best to forgive the person who broke her heart, but she will never forget what was done to her. Her heartbreak will drive her to understand more about her own needs and expectations when it comes to loving someone.

One thing is for sure, a strong woman will not go back to the person who broke her heart because she knows she cannot find happiness where she lost it.


When a strong woman has her heart broken, she finds it difficult to forgive herself because she keeps blaming herself for her mistakes. She gives her heart to the wrong person and believes in an illusion instead of reality. It will be a long time before she accepts the fact that she made a huge mistake in her life.

She will be afraid to fall in love and trust again. She will rebuild her walls and it will be a long time before she opens up and is vulnerable and gives in to the thought of falling into love.

But a strong woman fully understands that she cannot be afraid forever, and she knows that love always comes with the risk of being broken. Therefore, she will gradually forgive herself and eventually open her heart to the next person she meets.

When a strong woman has a broken heart, it doesn’t make her weaker, it makes her stronger than she could ever have imagined.

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