His response time reveals how he feels about you

His response time reveals how he feels about you

You were happily flirting with the man you like.

You exchanged sweet and sensual messages with him.

Then, all of a sudden, he stopped responding to you.

However, you can clearly see that he has read your last message.

Thanks to technology, no one can hide this.

So you read your last message over and over again and wonder if you hurt him.

Did you accidentally say something wrong?

You stare at the screen, exit the app, but come back to it a few minutes later.

So, is this man taking too long to respond?

After how long do you have to go from “oh, he’s busy” to “I got ghosted”?

What does its short or long response time mean?

What does this reveal about his feelings for you?

1. He responds immediately

Yes !

If he responds to you within minutes or even seconds, that’s a pretty good sign.

It means he really cares about you and finds your conversation interesting.

Or, he wants to know if everything is fine.

Anyway, one thing is clear: he loves you!

However, caution is advised if he responds to you the same way ANY time of the day or night, as it could also have another reason.

Namely that he spends a lot of time with his smartphone.

It may not necessarily be about you, but about the fact that he is always online – that is, also texting with other women.

2. He responds in an hour or two

Of course, we would always like to have immediate feedback from him.

But if he only responds after two hours, it can certainly drive us crazy.

But hey, actually, that’s the perfect response time.

Maybe he’s very busy right now.

The fact that he still texts you shows that you are important to him.

But it can also mean that he wants to think carefully about what he sends you.

Nevertheless, the following applies: the mix makes the difference.

If he only responds with a quick note after two hours or keeps you waiting no matter what you write, you should immediately delete his number…

3. He responds after a few hours

Waiting several hours for a response even though you know he read your message is pure torture.

You pace around the room and dream up the craziest stories.

Before you rush out to text him about everything that’s going on or write him off completely, try to stay calm.

If he’s texting you several hours later, it could mean he’s been really busy that day or he’s not sure what he wants from you.

How to do ?

End your next message with a question.

This way you can continue the conversation.

If its response time still does not change: delete the number!

4. He answers the next day

A whole day ? Serious ?! Sheer horror!

And to be honest: that’s not really a good sign either.

Normally, you are simply not important to him and he only responds out of politeness.

The only exception: you know that he is not a man who spends his time glued to the mobile phone every second of the day.

Admittedly, it’s unlikely…

How should you react if he does not answer you?

What you should never do is spam!

No news overload, whatever the initial situation – except for life-threatening situations such as suicide attempts!

Too many messages overwhelm and suffocate.

That doesn’t exactly motivate him to reply, and if he does, it’s only in the hope that the flood of messages will finally stop.

If you have to wait much longer than usual and more than two days for the reply in normal situation, you can follow up carefully.

Ask if everything is okay or if the other person has misunderstood the message.

If the situation is urgent, do not wait for the messages.

Call him.

If he doesn’t answer, send a message asking him to call you back.

Just to be on the safe side, you can also text him in case he doesn’t have internet at the moment – ​​yes, there are places like that.

Emotional problems – of course, problems are not always purely practical.

If you feel like he might be angry or hurt, say so, ask questions directly about it, and ask for a clarifying discussion.

Make it clear that you didn’t mean to hurt her.

Of course, you can also feel hurt.

Here too, a clarifying conversation helps – no messages!

It’s perfectly okay to feel sad or angry when you feel ignored. But please speak objectively.

Maybe the other person isn’t even aware of what their behavior is triggering in you.

Therefore: no reproaches, but think together in a solution-oriented way.

Communication is essential in any relationship.

If it consistently ignores your messages and possibly phone calls, you should consider whether it’s worth continuing to try.

In any case, do not try to force communication.

Distract yourself.

Get to know new people.

Find a new hobby.

Sometimes distance is the best way to one day find a common, perhaps random, new approach.

  • Focus on yourself.

Don’t check when he last logged in or if he received the messages.

It would be best to turn off as many of these “monitoring functions” as possible.

Because we always have our mobile phones with us everywhere, we believe that we must be reachable at all times.

And you expect the same from others.

  • Put the phone away!

Take a digital break yourself.

Forgetting to chat is the most relaxing way to not wait for your message.

  • Release the pressure on yourself.

He answers or he doesn’t answer.

Your life may be affected, but it still goes on.

Indeed, your life should not depend on the answer of a man.

His response time reveals how he feels about you

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