Here are the 10 signs that prove that this man does not deserve you

Here are the 10 signs that prove that this man does not deserve you

Nowadays, it is far from easy to find “the right one”. However, you would think that with the development of technology and the rise of social networks, finding a man would be simple.

In itself, it is true! With just one click, you can find a man. But what kind of man? If you’re looking for something ephemeral or just a good time, no worries.

You just have to turn on your computer or phone and list your contacts or your friends’ contacts to find someone to pass the time with.

Besides, you can even register on dating sites to find a one-night stand or more if you like.

But, it is the “more so affinities” that seems to pose a problem. Indeed, today, it would seem that people seek less and less to settle down seriously.

So, yes… You can meet a lot of men, but will these “love” relationships satisfy you?

Probably not ! Indeed, like many women, you have surely had your share of narcissistic men, players or manipulators.

They tell you what you want to hear and sell you dreams to break your heart with a simple click. Yes, once they get what they want from you, they disappear.

Ghosting seems very trendy right now We don’t even take the time to really get to know each other anymore, we chain insignificant relationships and when we’re fed up with each other, we avoid them.

We cut off all contact and we don’t even bother to explain ourselves. That’s why it’s so hard to find a man who really deserves you.

Someone who loves you and accepts you as you are. A partner who is as invested in your romantic relationship as you are and who is willing to put in the effort and compromise to make it work.

The speed with which we live our lives these days does not help matters.

Everyone is too busy and too competitive to settle down and find a worthy boyfriend. We prefer to be satisfied with what we have on hand even if it is not worthy of us.

Unfortunately, many women agree to almost relationships simply because they are afraid of being single or because they don’t want to bother to really look for “the right one”.

So, romantic dates once in a while satisfy them. Dating is convenient because it allows them to fulfill their emotional and physical needs.

But, they do not realize that this kind of relationship cannot last. So when the man disappears it’s a shock. Why ? What did I do ?

However, they could avoid this kind of situation simply by taking the time to ask themselves the following questions:

What am I looking for in a romantic relationship? What kind of man suits me? Am I ready to sacrifice my happiness just for being in a relationship?

When you’re dating someone, there are obvious signs you can look for to know if this man is really for you.

Is he worthy of your love? Is he worth investing time and energy into your romantic relationship?

Here’s what we’re going to try to find out together…

So, if you really found an interesting, funny and cute guy, pay attention to the following 10 signs. They will reveal to you if you really should seriously commit to this man.

1. He is immature.

It’s the worst character trait you can find in a man. An immature man plays with you, your feelings and is not stable enough to consider a future together.

So he does everything to hide his true intentions, including making you think he’s serious about your relationship.

In fact, all he wants is to go out with you (well, that’s a polite way of saying “sleep with you”). He has no other intentions simply because he is not mature enough to know what love can mean to him or understand how much his behavior hurts you.

So if your man seems to have immature tendencies, he will never be worthy of you. You’re wasting your time with him because you can’t change him.

2. He gives you cute nicknames and that’s it. That’s all its charm!

A man who really deserves to be with you will be a little more creative than that. He will take you, for example, to places you like, he will invent a name that is unique to you and he will do everything to seduce you.

So if his charm is limited to the fact that he gives you all cute names, forget it! Seduction should go both ways.

So if you feel like you’re the only one trying hard to please him, that means you’re wasting your time.

He is not looking for anything serious and thinks that you are already acquired. So, if you have the feeling that on his side, this man does not try to impress you, it means that he does not really value the person you are.

Then he is not worthy of your time! Besides, a man who behaves like that is not worthy of a woman in general.

3. This man refuses to put a name to your romantic relationship.

You have fun conversations and look cute together. But, when it’s time to get down to business, he dodges the question and changes the subject.

And, you have every right to ask yourself, “What’s going on here?” “. Yet, despite the fact that you insist or try to figure out the direction your relationship is going, he doesn’t want to define anything because he tries to keep his options open.

There’s a player! Indeed, this man wants to go from one woman to another but does not support the idea of ​​being able to find himself alone.

So he always has someone on hand. And that someone is you! Or, even worse, he has a phobia of commitment and wants to stay forever in the world of celibacy.

Whatever the case, that kind of man is not worthy of you. Take your clicks and slaps and find a partner who isn’t going to be scared off by the possibility of a serious romantic relationship.

4. Your dates revolve around his interests.

For once, he decided to be creative and take you somewhere other than a restaurant. This time, you are going to the cinema! Yes, sir really wants to see a horror movie that just came out but you’re not a fan.

You could very well do without it! But he invited you, so you’re going. Don’t you feel like he’s forcing things a bit?

Why does all of your outings just seem to make him happy? Why doesn’t he make the effort to take you to a place you really like?

Know one thing: you don’t have to go. Don’t give up your happiness for a guy who isn’t worth it. Indeed, it is important that you define clear limits and that you think of yourself first.

He refuses to do things you like because he finds it boring, next! This man is definitely not worthy of a woman as extraordinary as you!

5. You don’t have much in common.

When you meet a man for the first time, it’s exciting and wonderful. But when after a few dates, you have nothing more to say to each other, leave!

Either he’s boring or he doesn’t know how to have a conversation with the opposite gender. Or worse, you don’t understand each other at all.

Indeed, it is normal to have interests that differ but if you really have nothing in common, your couple will not be able to function.

Thus, your partner must be able to spend time with you and have fun. Just like, you both need to spend time focusing on your respective passions.

There must be a balance. But, if you can’t find common ground or if your lives are complete opposites, you can’t change that.

6. He is extremely busy! Well, except when he needs to satisfy his needs.

If you make an effort to see him, but he doesn’t reciprocate, take that as a warning. Indeed, your schedule is as busy as his.

However, you make efforts to reserve time slots for him during which you can fully enjoy each other and get to know each other better.

But, it doesn’t seem to do the same for you. Indeed, he always has excuses to cancel your one-on-one at the last minute or to be late.

Besides, it’s as if he avoids you when the planned outing is outside. On the other hand, when the appointment is with you or him, he runs!

Well yes, when he is excited or alone, he suddenly has time to see you. And, those are the kinds of things you’re going to have to accept if you stay with him.

Don’t fall into this trap. You deserve so much more!

7. He always talks to you about the same thing.

When he turns into a broken record, you realize he doesn’t really have much life experience.

So if this is the third time you’ve heard the same story about his car breaking down or whatever, it’s time you found a more interesting partner.

Indeed, you need a mature man who sincerely cares about you and who is able to hold an intelligent conversation.

Someone who has passions and likes to pass them on. So a man who just goes out at night and parties doesn’t have much to offer you.

8. He doesn’t seem very interested in what you’re talking about.

This man is a real gem. He is able to do three things at once: listen to you, write messages and drink his beer.

Yes, but wait… In fact, he only blinks his head. He absolutely doesn’t listen to what you have to say because, deep down, he really doesn’t care.

Well yes, he’s not looking for anything serious so why would he waste his time listening to stories that won’t make him move faster.

In his head, it’s… love,l ove and more love. So what you say doesn’t matter. And, do I really need to tell you that this man is not for you?

I don’t think so but it doesn’t hurt to point it out.

9. He doesn’t remember the things you mentioned that you liked.

If a guy pays attention and listens to you when you keep talking about your likes and dislikes, he’ll prove his interest in you the next time he picks out a gift for you or sets up a date.

Indeed, he will make the effort to please you by surprising you! Yes, he will give you THE gift you want and take you to a place that makes you dream.

So if he just pretends to listen to you, or to be polite and nice, he’s going to end up offering you something you don’t like at all.

That’s how you know he’s not really interested in you and he’s not worthy of your time. When we like someone, we want to please them and show them that our interest is pure.

10. You’ve never met his friends.

Either he knows his friends are jerks or he doesn’t want to be “too serious”. Whatever the reason, it’s not good.

Good guys let things happen naturally, so if he can’t let his love life and friendships overlap, something is wrong.

Indeed, either it’s you he’s hiding or it’s his friends. If he doesn’t want you to meet them, that’s a clear sign that he has no intention of staying with you.

After all, our friends (after our parents) are the most important people in our lives so when we are proud of our partner, we want them to meet him or her.

Logical, right? A man who keeps these two worlds separate is absolutely not worthy of you.

Here are the 10 signs that prove that this man does not deserve you

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