Don’t Waste Your Time With These Men Who Only Look Like Men

Don't Waste Your Time

Don’t Waste Your Time With These Men Who Only Look Like Men

The Beetles said All you need is love ( all you need is love )… This is true but under certain conditions!
You are likely to often come across a man who will only play the man and you will end up with a capricious and disrespectful kid, who will claim to love you without really knowing what he is talking about.

So what is a real man? How do you know if you have someone in front of you who has understood the implications of his role or if you are once again faced with a cardboard man?

It’s not always as easy to guess as you might think, but making the difference can start as soon as you make contact…

The respect

Nowadays, it seems that there are more and more men who think that sending strangers pictures of their things is normal or that trying to have love with as many women as possible is rewarding. It’s just disrespectful.

Most women expect more respect than that and no, they don’t want to send you pictures of themselves in bras or underwear let alone a naked picture at the first opportunity! A woman who knows her worth and respects herself will have better things to do than accept such degrading demands. If the first contact turns very quickly around love without you having asked anything, that should give you an idea of ​​the level of the guy in front… If you decide to ignore this sign, it will be at your own risk.

Many men have lost their ways

What happened to the gentlemen? I’m not talking about a man who will pick us up from our house, hold the door for us, kiss our hand, or help us sit in a restaurant either, let’s be serious, there is a middle ground.

No, I’m just asking where did your respect go to us?
We had to work hard to gain our independence… and to maintain it too, so how about giving up those vulgar ideas of wanting to see our panties right away or sending us a picture of your junk without we didn’t ask you anything? How about getting to know us as a person first?

We should confront them more often

Some women complain about how guys are pigs and say that in the end, they are all the same, not one to make up for the other. Well maybe, I say, that if they dared to put men face to face with their responsibilities and their actions more often, things would change a little.

I think we also must hold men accountable for their actions, and confront them.
Let them learn and let it get into their heads once and for all that no, nada, niet, women are not objects placed on earth, at their entire disposal, for their own little personal and selfish pleasure. No, they are people in their own right.

In the past, there were a lot more gallant guys. There were rules to respect against women if one did not want to pass for a boor. Women should continue to uphold these standards and they should set the boundaries.

If a man can’t respect the worth of a woman, he doesn’t deserve her time.

The right to be a woman without having to justify yourself all the time

None of this is to say that women shouldn’t feel free and able to express their feelings, whether romantic or. None of this means that they shouldn’t express their desires, even if it’s still complicated these days when you see the difference in treatment.

You know, when a woman is labeled as s*l*pe because she has a lot of relationships, then it will be seen as positive in the man who does the same.

I don’t understand why we are treated this way. Why this incessant need to objectify and belittle ourselves?

Men tell us we’re complicated and don’t know what we want

We must recognize that there is some truth in this and that many of us are fooled by what we think are the criteria of the ideal man.
So maybe at the beginning, yes, we will start a relationship with specific criteria in mind (which are often the ones society bludgeons us) but little by little, we will understand that we are on the wrong track.

So know gentlemen that most of us don’t need someone who will drop everything all the time, who will stand by us and never waver, who will be perfect all the time.

We don’t need “ideal” love, the kind of connection you only see in fairy tales. We don’t need something that looks pretty to the rest of the world but lacks substance.

In the end, all we care about is being respected and being with someone grounded in reality.

You don’t have to be our knights in shining armor, to be dressed in the latest fashionable brand. You don’t have to earn a lot of money or have any status let alone feel pressured to buy us expensive things or take us on lavish dates just to keep our attention.

A real man, not a child, just has to stop playing.

You’re gonna have to relearn what love is

So gentlemen, stop focusing on the wrong things.
Be the men with whom we can discuss, the men who will make mistakes and recognize them; the men who will fail, fall and start again with us by their side.

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable with us. Be honest, even if it might bother us or even if we have a different opinion.
We don’t want a superhero, a prince charming, a savior; we want a man who will know how to respect our differences and see us as their equal without ever feeling threatened.

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