Does he treat you like an option? 5 Things to Remember

Does he treat you like an option? 5 Things to Remember

Love, the couple, life together… So many complex things that can lead us to bang our heads against the walls!

Maybe this is exactly the kind of situation you are going through right now…

You have met a man and you like him very much. Until then, you also had the impression of pleasing him.

But suddenly, he plays the disinterested and does not call you as much as before. His messages are rare, as are his smiles.

On your side, you want to engage with him. You want to officially put yourself in a relationship and start a serious story.

But the scenario repeats itself: every time you take a step towards him, he takes one in the opposite direction!

In short, he walks away . You only think of him, but he doesn’t seem to think of you at all!

Don’t you forget!

This is the first piece of advice we could give you.

You are clearly facing a man who blows hot and cold. You are making efforts to understand it and it is to your credit.

It’s normal, you shouldn’t get discouraged too quickly either!

But be careful, if he treats you like an option for too long, you may suffer. And that’s the last thing you want.

Be careful not to forget yourself. By dint of trying to understand and seduce him, don’t forget to think of yourself. Do not forget your own desires and your own desires. Your goals and your personal life.

You are marvelous. And he must be able to realize it.

He must be able to estimate you and to consider you at your fair value. Otherwise, why stay with him? A romantic relationship is built together, on mutual respect and sharing.

Either way, if you find yourself trapped in a dodgy, one-sided relationship, here are 5 things you need to keep in mind:

1. When you love someone, you put them first.

Note that this is not to be taken literally! He may very well not leave you the last slice of the pie and love you deeply.

It’s also normal that he can cancel one of your appointments if his sister is sick.

Let’s just say that true love , as we said earlier, is always built on the notion of respect.

In other words, when you love someone, you are devoted to them and do your best to make the other person feel good.

We do everything possible to make our other half feel esteemed and appreciated at their fair value.

If you feel like you have to compete with other women for her attention and love, that’s a very bad sign. You are not a name on a list!

You are not an option or a second choice. You deserve to be your man’s priority and nothing less.

2. Love is given, not earned

Love is a fight, it’s true. In the sense that it requires a lot of work on yourself and a lot of effort.

But no one should have to fight for their partner’s love.

It’s supposed to be an “acquis”. After all, love is the reason we get together. And not the opposite.

We don’t get into a relationship with someone in the hope that they will love us one day!

No one should have to fight to exist in their relationship.

No one should have to struggle to be heard and appreciated. No one should have to fight to be considered.

In the end, it’s relatively simple: either he loves you and he gives you his heart; or you fight like a lioness and that means he really doesn’t care about you!

Love is a gift. Self-giving. It must be done voluntarily and with tenderness.

In short, if you have to fight for him to look at you, that is also a very bad sign. The sign of a runner, a manipulator or both at the same time!

Love is a complex feeling, just as life together is not always easy. But affection must be acquired.

3. Life is far too short to settle for crumbs.

Just look around. To look at the world and the people around us.

Life is complicated, especially for some. It reminds us that life is short and we have to make the most of it.

Life is too short to spend it alongside a man who has no esteem for us! Life is too short to settle for half love or anything close to it.

This life, this life so precious that we are lucky to have deserves that we go in search of great love.

It may be a bit silly, but I believe it. I believe in true love and you should too.

Of course, no one is perfect. You will never meet the perfect person. But you can definitely meet someone who loves you madly.

Someone who makes you laugh and thrills you. Someone who knows how to take care of you and love you for what you deserve.

4. There is someone out there for you

I know you like this man a lot. You have feelings for him. But don’t you think you deserve better? Me, yes!

Above all, I know you deserve better. I know there is someone waiting for you who will treat you like the great person you are.

Love, despite its complexity, is also the most beautiful thing in the world . And when we love, we shouldn’t spend our days hoping that our partner will notice us and finally deign to give us their love.

No, love is exactly the opposite: it’s spending your time proving to the other that you are exceptional.

It is to remind him every day that we consider ourselves lucky to have met him. It’s taking care of the other and pampering him, on a daily basis and not just once every three months.

In short, when we really love someone, we don’t need to convince them of our own worth. He already knows her and that’s why he loves us.

I also believe that meeting the right person allows us to see things more clearly.

We understand why our previous relationships failed. We regain self-confidence and we see our anxieties (the majority of them) fly away.

Above all, we understand that a couple who truly love each other encourage and support each other.

5. Focus on what really matters

I know that everything I write above is easier said than done. You are trapped.

You love this boy and you feel unable to detach yourself from him. To help you, I decided to make you a small list…

A list of things to focus on. By doing so, you will realize very quickly that he does not deserve you.

That you are better than him and that he has made no effort to find a place in your life.

  • Your family. The older you get, the less time you spend with family and that’s a shame because no one will ever love you like they do. Remember this the next time he cancels one of your dates at the last minute. Go find your parents and enjoy them!
  • Your friends. They can be counted on the fingers of one hand, but they are precious. Once again, do not hesitate to turn to your girlfriends. To spend time with them. The discussion will allow you to see more clearly and understand whether or not he deserves the benefit of the doubt or even a new chance.
  • Your job. You have ambition. You love what you do. So, don’t forget it in favor of a man you’ve known for a short time and who is already forcing you to spend sleepless nights. Work can be a great outlet for forgetting and clearing your mind.

Just remember this, if he doesn’t treat you as a priority, pay him back and move on.

You deserve the whole world, not just a few crumbs. You are worth a thousand times better than that.

Does he treat you like an option? 5 Things to Remember

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