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Being single is better than being with people who don’t know what they want

Being single is often seen as a problem that needs to be solved. But why?

Isn’t it better to be single than to be with people who don’t know what they want?

Why bother constantly talking to someone about how they need to take their life into their own hands and make something out of it?

And waiting every day to see if the other side has changed their mind and now thinks it’s better to stay together or not?

Today he says that you are the love of his life and that he cannot go another day without you, and tomorrow he comes and says that he is not fit for a relationship and that it is better if you both break up.

So is it better to stay in such a relationship just for others to say that you have achieved something in life and are in a relationship?

Is it better to pretend everything is fine all the time but suffer in the background and do your best so that the other person changes their mind every day and doesn’t know what to do with their life?

Not in my opinion.

You will learn to enjoy your independence

Everyone should be able to take care of themselves. A healthy level of independence is desirable, whether in a relationship or not.

From your toxic relationship you found that you can take care of yourself and others that your partner was not able to.

You were always the one who did everything for both yourself and him.

You don’t have to learn how to pay all the bills and get all the tasks done on time by yourself.

You must learn to enjoy independence!

You shouldn’t rely on your partner or anyone else for your happiness.

Also, you’ve realized that you can’t be happy next to a person who doesn’t yet know what to do with their life.

Focusing more on yourself than on others is a good trait. It’s not selfish at all, especially if the other person doesn’t appreciate having you by their side.

It can be challenging for others to take on so much responsibility, but you learned the harder way.

Enjoy your independence now and remind yourself of that. Every single day!

Plenty of time to explore interests and hobbies

During this toxic relationship, you barely had any time for yourself. Besides, when you did have it, you weren’t in a mood.

Because being with a person who doesn’t know what they want from life is really exhausting.

These people too lazy and don’t like to work. That is why they say that they “do not yet know what they want to work for”.

They are there for you today and not tomorrow because they “do not yet know how they feel about you”.

The truth is that they are not interested in anything in life and only see benefit in you.

That’s why you didn’t have time for your interests and hobbies. You had to work a lot to earn money for both of you.

You’ve also struggled with negative feelings and depression because your partner behaved badly towards you.

But now it’s finally over! You are now aware that you sacrificed yourself for the sake of others and that you made a mistake.

But don’t think about the past anymore. Focus on the here and now and start living again!

What would you like to try first?

Want to go to a gym, travel, or join a book club?

The decision is entirely yours. Enjoy it!

You have more time to discover yourself

The best thing about being single is the opportunity to discover yourself.

You have suffered in this relationship for a long time and put yourself on the back burner.

It’s time to enjoy being single by rediscovering yourself.

Because you forgot about yourself and didn’t pay attention to yourself when you were in a relationship with someone who didn’t know what they wanted out of their life.

You have the freedom to explore places, meet new people, develop new skills, find new hobbies, and take risks without fear of losing someone in the process.

Those people who have been hurt by someone in the past know well how being single can help them recover from a toxic relationship.

Give yourself time and know that being single is better than being with someone who doesn’t appreciate you.

Deal with yourself and wait for someone who will love you just the way you are.

And above all someone who knows from the start what he wants in life.

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