Are You Sure You Don’t Deserve a Better Guy? Think Twice

Are you sure you don’t deserve a better guy? Think twice

You think your current guy is “not so bad”, that you “won’t find better anyway”.

So sorry if I break the mood but there is a good chance that you are wrong. Especially if your self-esteem is low on the daisies.

There are signs that do not deceive but very often, when you are in a relationship, you lose a lot of perspective on the situation.
That’s why I’m coming to your rescue!

1. You struggle to find activities you both enjoy.

Her idea of ​​a perfect night out is getting pizza delivered and watching Netflix. You would like to be surprised. But hey, you say to yourself “we can’t have everything”.

Why you are wrong:

In a couple, it is normal to have to adjust to each other. The perfect relationship doesn’t exist, so you’re both going to have to learn to compromise.

But if you’re dating someone who isn’t ready to do it or try your “stuff” and ideas, that sucks.

If you can’t find any activity that you both can agree on and usually end up doing nothing, your relationship will get boring very quickly.

You need a man who is willing to sometimes step out of his comfort zone and compromise.

2. Your weird sides embarrass her.

You know that you have certain habits that may seem strange and you find it normal that it may bother him.

Why you are wrong:

Your quirks are what make you unique.

The person you’re with should like them instead of finding them boring.

If he can’t take it when you sing along to the radio and you hate the way he scratches his ear when he’s stressed, there’s a problem.

Love is never perfect, nor are people.

Of course, you won’t like everything about your partner, but you should like most things.

If the person you’re with irritates you every day, you can do something better.

You deserve a relationship where you both enjoy everything about you! Don’t be with someone you just tolerate.

3. He brings nothing to your life

You’ve been together for a while now and one day you realize that having this man in your life doesn’t change much in yours. It’s probably just because the routine has set in, isn’t it?

Why you are wrong:

Yes, it could be because of that, but a lot of times, routine is an easy excuse.

The person you are with should make you feel important. Even after a year. Even after 10 years.

If your mate doesn’t bring anything special to your life, what’s the point of being with him? Get a roommate but don’t talk about love.

You deserve someone who helps you grow and makes you feel like you have endless potential. He should be your biggest fan and the person you trust the most.

If it doesn’t add any value to your life, you should be with someone who does.

4. You really wanted to be in a relationship

Before you met this person, you were looking for someone almost obsessively. Everyone around you was settling in, there was no reason it couldn’t happen to you too.

Why you are wrong:

Did you feel like all your friends and acquaintances were settling down and it was just about time you did too? Did you feel pressure to find the lucky one, the one with whom you will end your old age?

If so, you may have fallen in love with the idea of ​​love rather than falling in love with your partner.

Many people say they found “the person of their life” when they least expected it.

That’s not to say it will be like that for everyone, but if you felt hopeless in your quest for “the One” before connecting with your current partner (and you don’t feel so enthusiastic about it now), it could be a sign that you are under a fantasy spell.

5. You wonder if it’s him, your great love

It seems to tick all the boxes on your waiting list and yet…

And yet you are wrong:

You still wonder if it’s “the right one”.

It’s probably because deep down you know he’s not.

You might be afraid to admit it, because of its “perfection”. He is an intelligent and attractive man, with his head on his shoulders.

The kind of man who’s hard to find…but that’s no reason to stay with him.

If it doesn’t complete you, if there isn’t that little extra that can’t be explained and isn’t in the lists, it’s because it’s not the right one.

You shouldn’t stay with him just because you’re afraid you can’t find someone like him, only better.

If this “little thing” is important to you, listen to your instincts. Never be afraid to end a relationship in which you are not happy.

In conclusion

It’s not fair for your guy to “keep going” and it’s not fair for you either.

The truth is, if you believe in love, someone more suitable for you will come. But not if you keep a grip on something wrong.

If any of the above sounds like you, you’re probably dreaming of a relationship fantasy, instead of finding real happiness with a real partner.

The best thing to do is give yourself some solo time to figure out what you really want.

Are you sure you don't deserve a better guy? Think twice


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