All Couples Need to Know These 9 Things About Each Other

Couples Need to Know

All Couples Need to Know These 9 Things About Each Other

Your partner needs to know these 9 things about you:

1. Your birthday.
Yes, let’s start with the more obvious things.

2. The start of your period.
This information can save him a lot of worrying about why you hate him and yourself right now.

3. Your favorite color and dress size.
Just in case.

4. The story of your first and/or last great love.
Yes, he has to go through that. Knowing this history inside and out is ultimately an advantage for him too. So he already knows what hurts you, what is particularly important to you, and what he should not do.

5. The fact that girls fart and burp too.
Yes, he should find out straight away and then not be too surprised.

6. The list of your allergies.
To avoid the self-baked and dear death.

7. Your dreams and ideas about the future.
Yes, the good guy should know how you imagine your life, what you want, and what you dream about.

8. Your favorite position.
Hopefully, he knows them inside out and in all possible variations.

9. Your mom’s name.
Woe betide you if not!

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