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According To Your Sign Why You Think About Things In Your Relationships

Think About Things In Your Relationships

According To Your Sign Why You Think About Things In Your Relationships

If you are one of those who fall into infinite loops or analyze every aspect of the relationship, you are a person who overthinks and, therefore, sometimes spends a lot of energy on things that are not so important. We all overthink at some point, each sign has its Achilles heel in this regard. Some activate this mechanism before even starting relationships, you can think about a situation, the other person’s behavior, or even your own. If you want to know why you overthink things in your relationships depending on your sign, keep reading:


As a cardinal fire sign, standing out will always be important to you, so if there is one topic that can make you think about it a thousand times, it is choosing the right people. You take your time to analyze if those people are really what you are looking for. You don’t like wasting time. You also overthink whether you are giving your full potential to the relationship, you self-analyze for hours.


For Taurus, well-being at all levels is very important. If any of their relationships do not allow them to enjoy this state of tranquility and abundance, they will begin to spin their heads a thousand times. He will think a lot about the future, whether he can really create something stable with that person or even if the friends they have are good influences.


As an air sign, thinking about it a thousand times is your specialty. Although what Gemini does is a little different, because he doesn’t think about it, one idea leads to another and he can end up thinking something that has nothing to do with him but that creates the same anxiety. Gemini will compare his relationship with previous ones, ask many questions to understand what kind of person he is with and think about the future, but also the present and the past. In short, a madness of mental connections in which sometimes it is better to stop for a bit, breathe, and live the sensations of the moment.


Cancer can think about long-term plans with the people around him. He knows that a clan, a family, appears when each member becomes indispensable and together they walk towards the same place. That’s why he will think a lot about what future the people he has next to him offer him. When this becomes a loop, the solution is to share it with the other person, let them know their concerns, and seek mutual sincerity.


Leo will have his head spinning if someone manages to make him feel insecure. This is not very common to happen, but if he receives a lot of rejection or harsh criticism, he will not just let it go. In addition, being a fixed sign, it will constantly analyze its relationship, whether it is good enough to last over time, it will think over and over again about the other person’s defects until it decides if it is worth staying in or leaving that relationship.


Virgo is not the most communicative sign with its feelings, but it is a very intelligent sign that spends many hours talking to itself. Everything he feels and does not tell his partner will be on his mind forever. That is why it is very important to have real communication, both with friendly relationships and with other more intimate ones.


Libra spends too much time thinking about how to please another person, and how to reach the maximum level of a good friendship or romantic relationship. When Libra overthinks, he forgets himself and this is the real problem. This boycotts his relationship as he loses all of his identity and eventually one of the two people involved explodes, breaking the bond.


If something characterizes Scorpio, it is his facility for power games, so it is not surprising that one of the reasons why he thinks about a relationship a thousand times is possible infidelities. From both of them, even from himself. The best thing he can do is accept his fear of having his heart broken and focus on creating a healthy and sincere relationship.


Similar to the other fire signs, Sagittarius thinks a thousand times about whether they are really with the right person or can find someone better. He thinks that he can always find another better person, even if it’s on the other side of the world. He doesn’t stop thinking about these ideas and all the feelings he has, which he doesn’t always understand. It is a very sincere sign, but in terms of emotions it is not the most communicative, it is difficult for it to understand itself.


Capricorn obsessively analyzes whether their relationship is really within their long-term plans. If it is a true support and not a burden. Maybe he should focus more on understanding his feelings, but what keeps him up at night is more rational. Achieving his dreams is essential for this earth sign, what is real and tangible is worth more than the words he receives from the other person.


Aquarius will begin to think about their relationship if they discover that the other person is ready to commit, to take a step further. Then he will ask himself again and again if he feels enough to get on this train. Usually, this air sign dissociates a little from their emotions, so finding an answer is usually complicated and they finally choose to end it all.


Pisces will give the relationship a thousand thoughts after a while when, after opening up and feeling that magical connection, their partner may not act like a fairy tale. It will then be when fear makes him replay moments in her head wondering if she is being loved as she would like or if a new disappointment is coming.

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