9 Signs That Your Partner Is Using You

9 Signs That Your Partner Is Using You

A loving and romantic relationship is always perfect until it’s not. This tends to happen often. You fall in love with someone and therefore decide to start a relationship with them.

But then you start noticing that your relationship isn’t so perfect! You start to discover that there are a lot of things about your partner that you find really fishy, ​​but you just can’t put your finger on it.

It’s really confusing for you. You are in a relationship and your partner tells you that you are loved and appreciated. But you can’t help feeling that something is wrong. In the back of your mind, you know that something is wrong with your relationship and it’s not what it’s supposed to be.

You may need to consider the possibility that your partner is not being completely honest with you. Maybe your partner’s feelings aren’t as sincere as they let you know.

Your partner tells you that he loves you and would do anything for you. You hear him say those words, but you don’t really feel them. You don’t feel it because it doesn’t act on it. He’s very quick to tell you all these things, but he doesn’t necessarily follow up his words with action. This is why you feel a void in your love story.

But why would your partner lie to you in the first place? Maybe your partner is just using you for something. Maybe for your looks, your money, your kindness, your popularity, or something else. The thing is, he doesn’t really love you, he’s just in love with what he can get out of a relationship with you.

Here are some signs that your partner is using you.

1. He’s only nice to you when you’re alone.

He wouldn’t want others to think they like you. He hides you. He hides his feelings for you. He doesn’t want everyone to know you’re together because he’s ashamed of you.

2. He is the sole decision maker in the relationship.

He always decides and never lets you say a word. He always makes the decisions, big or small. He doesn’t want to listen to you and never asks your opinion.

3. He texts you more than he takes you out on a date.

He keeps texting you and keeping in touch with you, but he never takes you on real outings. It would be understandable if you lived very far from each other in a long distance relationship situation. But that doesn’t make sense if you don’t try to see each other often, even though you live near each other.

4. He always acts weird and mysterious when he’s around you.

He acts very slyly. It always feels like he’s trying to hide something from you. You may never feel like he is about to reveal his whole being to you.

5. You only think he’s interested in you when he wants to have love.

Another way to tell someone is really using you is when they only want to be with you when you have love. In this case, he only uses you for your body and for the pleasure he can get from you.

6. He doesn’t make an effort to be nice to your friends.

If someone was truly invested in a relationship with you, they would also make a point of being nice to your friends. But if he doesn’t want to make that effort, he’s not really being sincere with you.

7. He doesn’t really want to define your relationship.

A non-committal partner is not a romantic partner at all. If you notice that he constantly avoids talking about defining the relationship, it could mean that he doesn’t really want to bond with you the way you want.

8. He turns to you whenever he needs an ego boost.

In this case, he is only using you to enhance himself. He sees you as someone who can give him a little boost of confidence when he’s feeling down. It becomes really apparent whenever he is desperately trying to get compliments from you.

9. He asks you for a lot of favors, but he refuses to do anything for you.

He uses you for your kindness and generosity. He knows he can get a lot out of you by asking nicely, but he would never be willing to reciprocate. He is only interested in what you can do for him.

9 Signs That Your Partner Is Using You

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