8 Warning Signs That Your Partner Is Hiding Secrets From You

Hiding Secrets From You

8 Warning Signs That Your Partner Is Hiding Secrets From You

“We don’t hide secrets from each other” is a phrase heard by many couples.

Is that really the case? Think a little about your relationship.

Of course, we don’t mean that you’ve been hiding something bad from your partner.

But once in a while, you must have told your partner that you didn’t put garlic in your food, even though you did and your partner doesn’t like garlic. Do you understand me now?

Me too, I have to admit. With this example, I want to emphasize and show that everyone has secrets.

Relationships are complex, however, and there are small, funny, and harmless secrets and lies like this tiny one I mentioned earlier.

What’s even better if you do the same as me, that we boost our loved ones’ immune systems, right? 🙂

On the other hand, there are also great secrets, the disclosure of which one certainly cannot forgive.

Cheating, double life, and much more cannot be hidden for so long.

Therefore, in this article, we will list and describe 8 warning signs that indicate that your partner is hiding secrets from you.

Your partner is hiding their phone from you

Your partner is hiding their phone from you

Have you noticed that your partner feels awkward when you are near their cell phone or watching them use it?

This is probably a sign that your partner is hiding secrets from you.

Because why would he hide his phone if he has nothing to hide?

Of course, everyone in a relationship should have privacy. In my opinion, partners shouldn’t check each other’s cell phones either.

But by that caption that “your partner hides his phone,” I mean that he suddenly gets nervous when he sees you near his phone.

In a relationship, you have to have trust in each other, but this behavior is not normal.

If you think your partner is hiding something from you, it’s good that you talk to him about it.

Surely he will deny everything even if there is something he is hiding.

But you are the one who knows your partner best and can also determine if he/she is guilty or not.

Checking his cell phone when he’s sleeping or showering is childish in my opinion.

But if he’s hiding something, he’ll take his phone with him in the shower.

He/she is overly nice

He/she is overly nice

You know that situation when your partner is overly nice to you and in a few minutes asks if you have anything planned so they can watch a soccer game with their friends?

Yes, the same is also true that your partner is probably hiding a secret from you.

By being overly nice to you, he’s trying to divert your attention from the matter at hand.

So he thinks you won’t notice that he wasn’t telling the whole truth.

If he’s being overly nice and you don’t know why then there’s a big chance he has a secret that you shouldn’t know about.

You catch him lying

You catch him lying

Trust is particularly important in any relationship. However, if a person is trying to hide something, their statements may not add up.

You also noticed that he wrapped himself in his lies.

Right now, it might still seem strange when your partner lies about what they had for lunch at work.

And you notice that the next day, however, he says he ate something else.

We mentioned this banal example because it clearly shows how far a person can go when he starts lying to his partner and hiding secrets.

We see no reason to lie to someone about what you had for lunch, but when someone wants to hide something, they make up a completely different story in their head to hide the truth.

While it’s impossible to remember every detail of your day, he should definitely remember where he ate. Inconsistencies can indicate that they are hiding secrets.

Your partner gives you low self-esteem

Your partner gives you low self-esteem

As a relationship progresses, you should become more comfortable with your partner and reveal more of yourself.

It’s a red flag if you’re either not feeling increasingly confident about sharing your experiences, interests, thoughts, and feelings.

Or you may feel judged or criticized when you do this and begin to hide or stifle parts of yourself that your partner disapproves of.

You deserve to be with someone who treats you like royalty, period.

If your partner wants you to change, that’s a sign they don’t really like you, and you deserve someone much better.

If your partner constantly belittles you, or if their behavior towards you makes you question your self-esteem, it’s time to say goodbye.

A good relationship will lift you up and make you feel good, not knock you down.



Gaslighting is an emotional manipulation in which your partner twists reality and makes you doubt your perceptions through denial (“I never said that”) or blame (“You’re too sensitive”).

Gaslighting victims feel guilty whether or not they did anything wrong. Gaslighting is a clear warning signal in every respect.

Basically, it means they blame you for something they did or blame you for the way they reacted to a situation.

Your friends don’t like your partner

Your friends don’t like your partner

Your friends and family will want to see you happy. Don’t doubt that.

When you fall in love, you tend to idealize that person.

In your eyes, this person is perfect and has no flaws or negative qualities.

That’s where your friends and family come in and analyze your partner from head to toe to see if that person is good enough for you.

When they realize that something is wrong, and in this situation, they can probably do it better than we can, then they start to clearly dislike that person.

They may not come to you to say that this person is bad because they don’t want to hurt your feelings.

With their behavior towards this person, they will try to show you that they are not satisfied with your choice of partner.

At first, you won’t be able to understand that, because yes, you are in love and happy. Who dares to interfere with your happiness?

But over time, your friends will prove you were right, and you’ll be grateful to them!

Yet another delusional sign is that your partner, on the other hand, is suggesting that you should distance yourself from your family and friends.

The only reason for this is just because the people you love prevent him from manipulating you.

If he convinces you that these people are not wishing you well, then that is a clear sign of manipulation.

constant jealousy

constant jealousy

Jealousy itself is not a red flag, but the way someone deals with their jealousy can be an important red flag.

Spending time together is part of a healthy relationship, of course, but it’s also part of breaking up from time to time.

It’s normal to spend a lot of time with your new partner in the early stages of a relationship.

But it’s a red flag if you feel your partner might be angry, jealous, or critical of you spending time with your friends and family.

Someone who is constantly jealous of your relationships with others cares more about what they want than about your happiness.

Another red flag is giving up things that were once important to you for your partner—perhaps a dance class you enjoyed taking or your plans to go back to college.

If your partner repeatedly has trouble trusting you to be on your own, it is a clear sign that he or she is unnecessarily controlling or even abusing you, now or in the future.

He overreacts – very often

He overreacts – very often

When someone shows uncontrollable emotions and freaks out easily, that’s a serious red flag.

When someone overreacts, they may be doing it to get rid of you.

But it can also be an unconscious act because all the fear and anxiety they feel leaks out.

If someone responds with uncontrollable anger or “silence,” that could also be an indication of future abusive (physical or emotional) behavior.

If you simply ask how their workday was, they may freak out and pretend you’re invading their privacy.

Of course, this is not a normal conversation between two people who love each other.

If you have recognized your partner in some of these signs, then you should think about whether you want to continue the relationship or not.

There is absolutely no ignoring these warning signs because you should put yourself first and not someone else.

Nobody has the right to exploit or manipulate you. Take care of yourself because no one else will be able to do this better!

8 warning signs that your partner is hiding secrets from you


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