8 Things to Consider if Your Partner is a Highly Sensitive Person

Your Partner is a Highly Sensitive Person

8 Things to Consider if Your Partner is a Highly Sensitive Person

If you are dating a highly sensitive person, there are a few things you should keep in mind. These are not strenuous or challenging, just considerate and loving gestures. So what is a highly sensitive person and how do you deal with a highly sensitive person?

So you’ve freed someone special!

The closer you get to him, the more you realize that he is different from most people. They are sociable but do not constantly seek public attention. They are excellent conversationalists, but they are very picky about who they talk to. They are very intuitive and compassionate.

You, my friend, have landed a highly sensitive partner.

These personality types are a real treasure and require an exceptional approach. Be honest and open-minded and try to have some fun!

How to deal with a highly sensitive person: 8 things to keep in mind

1. Don’t provoke a confrontation

They do not respond well to aggression or confrontation. You should talk to them calmly about what’s bothering you, but try to do it calmly; they can get angry and go into their shell if you are too aggressive. Your communication with them should always be kind, patient, and calm.

2. Take the time to make sure they feel understood

They are often misunderstood because there are many misunderstandings, judgments, and misperceptions. Don’t make them feel alienated or bad for who they are because there is nothing wrong with them. Ask for clarification and rephrase things you don’t understand. Do not jump to conclusions or judgments.

3. You can be very sleepless

Expect them to stay up and active early in the morning or late at night. Their minds are constantly in overdrive, they analyze life and understand different perspectives.

When it’s time to relax, they often have a hard time recovering. Be patient with them, they are not meant to keep you awake. Try to help them deal with all the chaos and thoughts that are constantly floating around in their heads.

4. They can’t change who they are, so don’t try

Throughout her life, there has always been one person who has tried to make her “tougher” and change her for the “better”. Your partner is a unique personality and they are beautiful because they are so different from others. They lower the statistical trend of indifference and apathy.

This is something the world desperately needs, and if you’re trying to shy away from it, you could probably benefit from learning from their sensitivity.

5. Love is not just a game

They read people like books and are very selective about who they open up to. For them to feel comfortable enough to open up and be ready to have their most intimate experiences, it takes a great deal of trust and love. Respect their gift and be mindful of their needs. Share your needs too, because they want to make you happy.

6. Give them time to recover alone

Being in the public eye and coping with life can be messy and exhausting for anyone. Most sensitive people recover best when they are alone with themselves.

It’s not that you bother them, it’s that the solitude helps them focus on what they need while also helping them rejuvenate themselves.

7. You are very intuitive and sensitive

They know how you feel as soon as you walk into a room. Don’t bother to hide feelings and thoughts, they sense something is wrong.

They aren’t curious or trying to track you down. They just want you to be as happy as you can be and are always there for you.

8. You can get overwhelmed by feelings and public situations

If you lose sight of her at a party, be sure to check the restroom, outside, or an empty room. They need distance from stimulating situations to focus and calm down.

It doesn’t take much to overpower them sometimes, so be prepared to support them in a variety of ways. They may need space, a shoulder to lean on, a glass of water, reassurance, or an opportunity to walk. Do your best to make them feel safe and respected.

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