7 Strange Signs That You Have Found the Right Person

Found the Right Person

7 Strange Signs That You Have Found the Right Person

1. You do “embarrassing” things next to him and often don’t even notice it.
Do you pick your nose, grunt when you laugh, eat your pizza like a pig, and/or leave the door open when you do that? And that without even noticing all these impulses? This indicates that you can let yourself go completely and that your sweetheart is not only your true love but also your best friend.

2. You don’t care what friends and family think of him.
Have you always attached great importance to how others find the man at your side? If your BFF or your mom didn’t like a guy, did you immediately see him with completely different eyes? This time, however, you don’t care what friends and family think of him – because YOU know deep down that he is the right one and everyone else will realize that sooner or later. And period.

3. You no longer think during love.
We all know the situations in which we wanted to please our partner in every position during love and “do everything right”. It’s completely different with him. Here you can throw all inhibitions and complexes overboard, turn off your head and things will run completely by themselves…

4. You’ve gained weight – and you don’t care.
Most people eat more when they are happily in love. Probably simply because other things are more important now than looking good in a bikini (and because eating together can be so nice). So you may have gained a few pounds since you’ve known him – but you don’t care because he’s constantly telling you how beautiful you are.

5. You somehow become cooler…
Once you get into a relationship where everything fits, where you trust each other, appreciate each other, and build and support each other, your whole life somehow goes better. So you’re somehow more relaxed and approach things in a much cooler way than before. Also because you know that – no matter what – there is always someone there to watch your back…

6. You suddenly find babies super cute.
When you see fathers with babies and little adorable rascals in strollers, does your heart suddenly swell? This could be because your body has already checked that you have found the right partner for love.

7. You forget to shave.
Does it happen now and then that you completely forget to change your look, or do you often just not care? This could mean that you know full well that he loves you just the way you are – and a few hairs won’t change that…

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