7 Signs Someone Is Faking Their Love

Faking Their Love

7 Signs Someone Is Faking Their Love

It’s hard enough to describe true love, but what about fake love?

While love is selfless, kind, patient, humble, respectful, and non-envious, false love does the exact opposite.

Love is a complicated feeling. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if someone is in love with you or if they’re just faking it for their own benefit.

In a relationship, it is important to be able to trust your partner.

Determining who really loves you and who is faking love is a big emotional game.

Sadly, that’s exactly what some people have in their relationships.

If the relationship is based on anything other than a genuine willingness to see the other person thrive in every way, if it’s based on something ephemeral and temporary, then it’s probably wrong.

If you’re trying to spot the fake lovers around you, here are the tips to look out for. They apply to all types of relationships.

They don’t talk to you about the future and they don’t plan for it either

They don’t talk to you about the future and they don’t plan for it either

Most people in a committed relationship eventually want to settle down, maybe start a family or buy their first home.

If you are in a relationship, you are with that person because they could be you.

Especially if this relationship is already long-term, then you must have imagined your future with this person.

You have also tried several times to talk to your partner about your future but he or she has shown no particular reaction.

It’s even worse if he immediately changed the subject. This is a clear sign that he is faking his love and that he is not planning a future with you.

If your partner is constantly avoiding your attempts to talk about the future, he may have other ideas in mind.

However, in some cases, that person may feel scared at the moment and not ready to respond.

But in most cases, they change the subject because they have no plans for you in the future.

In this case, it is best to call it quits now before investing further in the relationship.

You feel insecure and unhappy

You feel insecure and unhappy

You always feel like you are missing something in this relationship. And you’ve always wondered if every other relationship looks like yours.

An inner feeling tells you that this relationship still needs something that should bring the two of you closer together.

The “something” is love, which brings with it a sense of security and happiness.

Intuition is particularly strong in women, you’ve probably heard that several times.

Always listen to that gut feeling, because it comes to warn us that something is wrong in our lives.

Your partner puts everyone in front of you

Your partner puts everyone in front of you

If a man really loves you, then you are his number one priority.

Do you know that feeling when your partner puts everything and everyone in front of you?

You have never felt that you are number one to Him and that you are valued.

So ask yourself these questions:

Does your husband take every opportunity to hang out with his friends?

Does he rush to his friend’s house when asked?

There’s not much wrong with that, even if it annoys you a little.

He is always willing to help his friends and goes out with them all the time. But when you need it, it’s nowhere to be found.

But if he’s putting his friends’ needs ahead of yours, then that’s clearly a problem.

He may tell you that he loves you, but if he regularly chooses to eat dinner and drink beer with his friends night after night rather than going out with you, then his actions reflect how he feels about you.

You are emotionally distant

In a fake relationship, your partner seems emotionally closed or reserved.

Of course, it could be because of trauma or a past breakup that he put up a wall, which isn’t your fault.

In a relationship, the fakers tend not to be communicative.

They give little to no information about what is going on in their lives.

They will also make up excuses why they “can’t” communicate, especially when it’s a little difficult to do so.

The difference between you and someone who truly loves you is the extra effort it takes to reach out when it’s not that easy.

His body language doesn’t match what he’s saying

His body language doesn’t match what he’s saying

This article is all about finding a man who just pretends to love you.

So what better way to tell if he’s faking than by his body language?

So ask yourself:

When he says he loves you (or other kind compliments or words), what is his body language like?

Body language is very difficult to fake. If someone is being dishonest, their body will give you clues.

After all, nobody is really aware of what their body is doing.

They try to change you and your habits

Maybe you both have certain qualities that you don’t like in the other.

And in the wrong relationship, your partner will likely try to change the things they don’t like about you.

Basically, they are asking you to sacrifice your own self so that you can accommodate them and their needs.

They put themselves above you and your relationship, and if you don’t comply with their demands, you will be in big trouble.

They don’t seem interested in the relationship

When you’re in a fake relationship, your partner keeps you at a distance and avoids taking things too seriously.

Maybe he doesn’t want to fully commit to you because he’s dating other people or just isn’t interested in settling down yet.

They want to keep their options open and only invest in casual relationships.

These partners will never satisfy you because they always have one foot in the door and the other waiting for the next opportunity that presents itself.


7 signs someone is faking their love

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