7 Doubts That Arise Sooner or Later in Every Relationship

Doubts in Every Relationship

7 doubts that arise sooner or later in every relationship

Sooner or later, the highs in a relationship are no longer quite as high, the clouds are no longer pink, but become white again. And instead of cloud 7, you suddenly find yourself floating on cloud 3 or 4. At some point it always comes, the point where you question things again and have doubts. The good news: These fears and worries in a relationship are normal. They occur more frequently, especially at the beginning. You haven’t known your partner for that long and you may not feel so confident in your new relationship. As with all complications, the remedy can be found through open and honest communication, whether with your new partner, at work, or with your parents. The following doubts are common, after all, you are entering into a new, deep bond with a new person…

1. “It will never work.”

You are afraid that this relationship will now turn out the same as the one with your ex. But you are a new, changed person because you always come into a new relationship more developed. Likewise, your partner is different, everything is fresh and everything is possible. That’s why you should put these doubts aside and just get involved in the relationship and enjoy your new love.

2. “It’s too perfect to be true.”

Yes, well, you were badly hurt in your previous relationship and just want an honest and kind partner by your side. Now you have found him and your doubts are even greater than ever? You just can’t imagine that there is someone so perfect. Someone who has no hooks, who has no flaws, can’t be real? It’s perfect and it’s true and that’s a good thing.

3. “I’m not good enough.”

Your new friend has a great degree, a great job, and is simply outstanding anyway. That’s why you feel small and your self-esteem is in the basement. This concern is unfounded. Try to see yourself through your partner’s eyes more often; they won’t have fallen in love with you for no reason.

4. “Someday he’ll see the ‘real me’.”

When you wear rose-colored glasses, you try harder to please your partner. You’re always on the lookout. At some point, this behavior goes away and you are relaxed and the “real you” emerges. Are you afraid that your partner won’t like you anymore if he knows you, witch? If he doesn’t love you the way you are and you can never let go, then leave it alone. Because then he just isn’t worth it. Nobody is perfect.

5. “He doesn’t rove me.”

Everyone doubts that the person they love most does not reciprocate this feeling! Normally you don’t spend time with someone whose closeness you don’t value. The fact that your partner doesn’t love you is probably just an insecurity that you need to get over soon. But if you have the feeling that your partner doesn’t love you as much as you love him and the feeling doesn’t go away for a long time, then definitely talk about it.

6. “Do I love him?”

After a few months in a relationship, the facade begins to crumble, the sparks stop flying, and the butterflies no longer flutter in your stomach. That’s why you think that you don’t love your partner and that the relationship doesn’t make any sense at all. That’s okay too because it’s scientifically proven that this inner excitement, i.e. the butterflies in your stomach, is a sign that you don’t feel so confident in your new relationship yet. That’s why it’s a positive sign when the fireworks of emotions subside and you just let yourself drift in the flow of love.

7. “This relationship is not what I want.”

Before you met your sweetheart, you wanted nothing more than a partner. And now that you have found this person, you find it difficult to enjoy it, you have doubts that HE is not the one. You would also like to have your single life back. You wanted to do another semester abroad, and, and, and. Suddenly you think of ten thousand things that are much more important than the relationship you are in. Talk to your partner about your fears; they will probably say something so wonderful that you forget about your worries. But you shouldn’t let yourself be persuaded to do anything. Because if you feel restricted, end the relationship.

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