5 types of people most likely to cheat

5 types of people most likely to cheat

Relationships are built on trust, and we expect at least loyalty from our partners. Infidelity is one of the most common causes of breakups—and divorces.

Let’s face it, nobody wants to be with a scammer, but often we don’t see the signs that our friend is a shady little liar.

Today, the number of scammers is nothing out of the ordinary.

It’s a common phenomenon today, especially in relationships.

Ever wondered how to tell who a potential scammer is? Research has found some special characteristics that lead to cheating.

There is no surefire way to predict whether your partner will cheat on you, and people have different motives for deciding to cheat.

However, there are certain types of people who are bound to cheat in relationships.

Here are the types of people most likely to cheat in a relationship.


Narcissists often have a tendency to cheat on their partner

In our posts we have talked a lot about people with a narcissistic personality disorder. Those who have dealt with a narcissist know that a relationship with this type of person can be difficult.

A narcissist is a partner at the beginning of the relationship that everyone would wish for themselves.

He is kind, caring, he is always by your side and gives you his attention all the time.

You just feel loved and valued.

However, narcissists are very good at hiding behind their mask and are not very easy to spot.

Because they pretend to be good and loyal partners until they get what they want from you.

They like to be in control and always take advantage of their partner.

They show these character traits only after they are sure that this other person loves them and will not hurt them so easily.

Because when someone falls in love with a narcissist, it’s not easy to recognize and then later admit to yourself that you’re with a person who just wants to take advantage of you.

They always want to be first and foremost, and it’s “normal” to expect that in a relationship, these people are also prone to cheating on their partner.

Their self-esteem increases when they realize someone is flirting with them.

They don’t think about their partner at all when cheating. Because they’re not in a relationship for love, they’re just to take advantage of that other person.

So don’t expect fidelity from a narcissist. And nothing else…

Social media addicts often cheat

Social media addicts often cheat

You must be wondering why these people tend to cheat on their partner?

The answer is simple. If someone is constantly using their cell phone and always scrolling social media, then there is a greater possibility that he or she will hook up with someone and start an affair.

Time was not a factor in these results – couples who had only been together for a short time experienced the same social media effect as couples who had been together for many years.

And that’s understandable, too, because the more platforms you visit, the more people you meet…

Then when someone becomes addicted to social media, that virtual world will look like their real world.

And if someone is constantly using their phone and spending their time on social media, then there is also a big possibility that they want to be unfaithful to their partner.

Rich men

The more money a man has, the more powers he has, and the more desire he has to indulge in all his desires and fantasies, including those that lead him to cheating.

Many men think that if they have enough money, they can buy and have anything.

Because of this, they tend to have affairs (at least try to have affairs) because it makes them feel powerful.

It doesn’t mean, of course, that all rich men behave this way. But in general it is also known that rich men tend to cheat on their partner.

This applies to men, but not to women. Because there’s always a man willing to be loyal to a rich woman.

Insecure people

Insecure people are something to be wary of.

And by that we don’t mean the basic insecurity that we all have, because we all have our own self-doubt and concerns about ourselves.

Insecure people don’t know what they want from their partner and their relationship, and they always think that someone else is out there who will better understand their needs.

But when someone is so deeply insecure that if you don’t give them love today, they’ll find it elsewhere — that’s dangerous.

Because insecure people aren’t sure you love them either if you’ve had a bad day at work and aren’t in a good mood.

In every relationship we must be realistic. If someone goes without love for a long time, the tendency to cheat will increase.

That’s why you can’t expect every day to be full of love and affection, but then again, you can’t go a long time without that affection.

Because why would you be in a relationship where those feelings don’t exist at all?

When you are treated coldly or distantly by someone over a long period of time, anything can happen.

But if someone constantly makes it a condition over a short period of time how much you love them today, whether they cheat or not, that is also dangerous and has to do with their ego.

It is always better to end this relationship and find someone who has the same mindset as you.

People who are just plain selfish

People who are just plain selfish

Selfish people who have no morals in their relationships are the last type who cheats most often.

Yes, these people deserve to be mentioned at the bottom of this list because, in our opinion, they are the ones whose affair generates the most negative feelings and reactions.

That’s understandable too, because when you’re in a relationship, you just can’t be selfish and selfish.

One has to make compromises and always be ready to respond to the desires and preferences of the partner.

Of course you also have to have time for yourself, but we don’t mean that you should cheat.

They know their partner would hate it or be traumatized if they cheated, but their own selfish needs have the upper hand.

They only care about meeting their needs and don’t think about their partner at all. One can also ask why they would want a partner in the first place, but that’s a different topic now.

Either they have a different code of ethics for themselves – which is just unfair – or they are just a liar.

5 types of people most likely to cheat


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