5 signs you’re in an unhealthy relationship

5 signs you’re in an unhealthy relationship

Are you in an unhealthy partnership? Look out for these five warning signs.

We should feel safe and secure with our partner – and above all, be happy. But sometimes we stay in relationships even though they are not good for us. We think that “it will definitely get better at some point” or that “every couple goes through a phase like this”. It’s true that a relationship always has ups and downs. But if the unhappy phases seem to last longer, you should pause for a moment and ask yourself what the reason could be.

Psychology: 5 signs your relationship is unhealthy

Do you close your eyes to the truth and try to hold on to an unhappy relationship? According to the American psychologist Roxy Zarrabi, the following warning signs show that your relationship is not good for you.

1. You try desperately to keep the partnership stable

Are you the one in the partnership who always takes care of everything? Do you try to give in after an argument so you can make up when you were actually right? Or do you feel like you have to work twice as hard as your partner to make the relationship work? These are signs of an unhealthy relationship.

2. You hope that your sweetheart will change

You are often disappointed by him or her , but after each time you hope that he or she will change. Somehow. At some point, for sure. Then you two can finally be happy together. But it just never happens.

3. You’re afraid he or she will leave you if you stand up for yourself

There are always two people in a relationship. Both must feel comfortable and should be able to trust their partner. But if you’re afraid to openly express your feelings or communicate your boundaries , then that’s a red flag. You should never think that you could be “too much” for your sweetheart and he or she would immediately break up with you. Your feelings are just as important and should be respected.

4. Your boundaries are not respected

Speaking of respect: In an unhealthy relationship, one of the two partners usually gets lost while the other is extremely dominant. If the other person just doesn’t want to respect your financial, emotional, or boundaries , then you should reconsider the partnership.

5. You feel like you have to hide details of your relationship from others

When talking to friends or family, you tend to avoid the topic of relationships. If it does come up, don’t you dare to tell everything. You are somehow uncomfortable and afraid of being judged. In the worst case, you distance yourself from your loved ones.

Are you in an unhealthy relationship? Ask yourself these questions

If you are still unsure, according to Zarrabi, it can help if you ask yourself the following questions about your partnership:

  • If everything is the same in a year as it is now, will you be happy or dissatisfied?
  • What advice would you give to a friend who is dating a person like this? Would you be okay with that or would you advise her to break up?
  • Why do you keep choosing to stay in this relationship?

Ultimately, only you can decide how to proceed. But make yourself aware that it is YOUR life and YOU should also be happy in the relationship .

5 signs you're in an unhealthy relationship

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