5 Signs He Doesn’t Really Love You And Only Comes When He’s Lonely

Being in a relationship with a man doesn’t necessarily mean he loves you. Some men and women stay in a committed relationship because they don’t like being alone!

Are you already in a committed relationship with your partner but have the feeling that something is wrong?

Also, have you noticed that he’s not always committed to the relationship and doesn’t only call when he needs something? And besides, he’s only with you when he’s up for it?

Is there something wrong with his behavior but you can’t figure out what’s happening to him?

Have you ever wondered if he’s only dating you because he doesn’t like being alone?

Yes, although you might not believe it, there are men who are in a relationship because they don’t like being alone.

The only reason these men stay in a relationship is to have a girlfriend so they don’t have to be alone.

And so they can call someone if they need anything.

If there are problems in your relationship, it doesn’t have to be that your partner doesn’t love you.

To make things easier for you, we have prepared 5 signs in this post that indicate that he doesn’t really love you but is only with you because he doesn’t want to be alone.

1. He dumps you when he has other plans

For example, you two have agreed to go to the cinema tonight. Then someone suddenly calls him and immediately after that he cancels the meeting.

And of course because a friend suggested that they watch a soccer game together tonight.

If you’ve noticed that he tends to leave you when literally something else presents itself, that could be a red flag.

And a warning sign that he’s only with you so that he has a girlfriend.

If he dumps you the moment he has plans with someone else – whoever, then chances are you’re just a filler in his day.

When there’s nothing to do, you’re there to fill the day in some way.

And if he has something else to offer, even better! Because he can also go out with you tomorrow, you will always be there and waiting!

If he doesn’t make you a priority and instead just keeps you around until he has something else to do, then he’s not in the relationship for the right reasons.

Then maybe it’s time to let him go.

He should surprise himself when he realizes that you are no longer willing to wait and be on the last place of priorities!

2. You are not part of his life

If you’re wondering if he’s taking advantage of you, it’s a strong sign that true love and a committed relationship are probably not his real motives.

Because you don’t have this feeling for nothing. However, it doesn’t have to mean that he doesn’t love you if you ask yourself such questions.

But if he doesn’t include you in his life, then that’s a definite red flag.

Does he make important decisions without talking to you about them?

These situations can help you determine if he cares about you and your opinion.

When a man considers you a part of his life, he wants to know what you think.

He will ask you for your opinion if he wants to change something in his life or if he wants to buy something, for example.

As a life partner, your husband would seek your opinion and advice on at least some things.

A man who keeps everything to himself and is mysterious clearly doesn’t involve you in his life.

Or rather, he’s slowly shutting you out as he makes every decision, big or small, on his own.

3. He really acts like he doesn’t care

If he acts like he doesn’t care, you should believe him. It’s not an act or a game.

In this case, men are not playing games. If the situation were reversed and he was manipulating with you, then his behavior could mean something else.

But not in this case. He’s clearly showing you that he’s not interested.

If someone really likes you or is really interested in you, you don’t have to convince yourself otherwise.

You don’t have to make excuses for him if he doesn’t pay any attention to you or cares about anything related to your relationship.

You would just know; you would feel it in every fiber of your body.

Because a woman really doesn’t need much to be happy. And if you don’t feel that happiness in the relationship, then something is really wrong.

He would say he likes you or show that he cares for you in some way.

4. He needs a lot of attention from you

He is always emotionally sensitive, easily irritated by mundane things, and you must always be careful about what you say or do to him.

Not wanting to communicate with you normally and getting angry immediately if you say something “wrong” is a sign that he is not in the relationship for love.

It’s because he might not want to be alone and that’s why he keeps you around.

He’s rarely available for your sensual needs and will sulk a lot if you don’t respond to his requests.

You are always there for him whether he needs you or not and he is never there for you.

5. He doesn’t express his feelings

Sometimes it is difficult for men to express their feelings because some of them have no idea how to do it.

If that’s the case with your partner, you’ll be able to tell, and he’ll also tell you that if he doesn’t respond appropriately, he’s struggling to avoid hurting you.

But if your partner doesn’t express their feelings at all, then they don’t have any either!

At least not for you.

This is the sign that gives you the quickest answer to the question of whether or not he is taking advantage of you.

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