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5 reasons why couples fight after moving in together

Moving in with your partner can really be a great thing.

It’s a big step for any couple, so before you finally make that decision, you have to think a lot about it.

For one thing, it’s a sign that your relationship is moving forward and you can truly share your life with the person you love.

It’s a sign that you love each other and want to spend more time together.

This also means that you both want your relationship to be even more serious and maybe take it one step further.

There is a lot to look forward to when you live with your partner.

A lot of things will change because your boyfriend will literally become your life partner now. You will also notice the details of each other that you may not have mentioned before.

But all in all, you’ll be able to enjoy your relationship a lot more if you also share the four walls of an apartment.

This includes finding your rhythm, sharing many private moments together and waking up together in a bed that is not just yours or his, but your bed.

You will have more time for each other and you will also get to know each other a lot more.

But it can also mean new challenges for you as a couple, e.g. B. How the way you fight changes when you move in together.

Also, no matter how many years you’ve been together, you’ll find that you don’t know each other as well as you thought you did.

Because, as I said, no matter how many years you two have been together, you don’t spend 24 hours every day together.

When you start living together things will change. Both in your relationship and the idea you both had of each other in the past.

Believe it or not, the way you fight (and, of course, what you fight about) can change when you move in together.

In this article, we give 5 reasons why almost every couple fights after moving in together.

1. How should we manage our finances?

There’s a lot of romantic moments in moving in with a partner, but there’s also money involved… and it’s not that romantic.

You may think now that we’re spoiling the moment, but that’s the reality of all of us. We cannot survive on romance and love and always see life through rose-tinted glasses.

Before the two of you move in together, you really need to discuss everything possible and be direct.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask your friend if they have financial problems or any unusual spending habits.

If you and your partner didn’t have an extensive financial discussion before moving in, you may find that your new roommate has financial habits that you’re uncomfortable with now that you’re splitting the bills.

It can happen that he spends his money at the beginning of the month and then relies on you.

It might sound harsh, but no matter how much you believe your partner, you need to play it safe.

2. Housekeeping and tidying up

Everyone has different ideas about what constitutes a clean house.

On the one hand, some of us are hardworking and precise and cannot live in an apartment that is not fresh and tidy.

On the other hand, there are people who don’t pay as much attention to neatness.

They don’t care if the carpet is vacuumed, the kitchen and toilet are cleaned, etc.

They prefer to lie on the couch and watch the dust fall on the surfaces.

It sounds impossible for decent people, but believe me, there are people who really don’t care where or how they live.

For some, the floor is clean enough to eat on, for others it’s a dusty nightmare.

Perhaps that’s why cleanliness is the most common topic couples fight about.

Because if, for example, you are the orderly one and your partner is the lazy one in your relationship, you will need strong nerves when you move in together.

You will have to repeat every day that he takes his socks from the floor to the laundry basket, puts his shoes in the shoe closet and so on and so forth.

And if you think that you will easily change these habits, I have to tell you right away that you are wrong.

3. Understand your differences

No two people are the same.

And you shouldn’t expect that in a relationship either, differences are what make us unique.

But those differences can make the first few days after moving in together a bit harder if you didn’t properly embrace them earlier.

Or it may happen that you learn new habits from your partner and are not pleasantly surprised by them.

You will probably find that there are differences in the way you want to get things done, or that you have different opinions about certain things in general.

These differences are normal and desired. Because imagine what your relationship would be like if you agreed on every thing.


You may have certain habits that are unacceptable to the other person.

Or habits that other person is trying to change.

You may have different ideas about how much time you spend together or apart, which can prove difficult.

4. You might feel more irritated than usual

You may not have noticed your partner’s messiness until after you started sharing a space, and the same goes for each other’s quirks.

We talked about this earlier in the article, but studies show that messiness is the number one reason why couples fight.

What used to be cute can suddenly be extremely annoying if you deal with it every day.

And over time, this can also affect your relationship and cause your feelings for each other to disappear.

Think loud chewing, open closets, forgetting to turn off the lights—the list goes on and on.

And if those things bother you, they’ll bother you even more if you move in together.

These things aren’t a big deal, but they can feel like it when you’re not used to sharing a space — especially when you never take the time to talk about how to break those habits and live together in harmony can.

5. Not having enough time for yourself

Yes, I know you can’t wait to be with your partner all the time.

At first this is very exciting but over time you will get used to it and it will be a very normal thing for you.

You won’t be upset about it anymore and you will need alone time, which is perfectly normal.

Time for yourself is important not only for personal development, but also for the development of a relationship.

While humans are social creatures, each of us needs at least a little alone time.

The same applies if you live with your partner.

When couples take regular breaks to reflect and process their thoughts and experiences, they can reconnect with new perspectives.

They also need to find time for other people who are important to them: friends, family and colleagues.

Both sides need to make time for themselves and engage in things they personally love.

When one or both partners don’t have enough alone time, they can feel overwhelmed or unappreciated, which can lead to more serious issues like resentment and breakup.

So find time for yourself, no matter how many tasks you have daily.

Even half an hour is enough for you to meet your needs.

In the end, one can only say that many beautiful things will definitely happen if you decide to live together.

Of course, one should be positive and expect the best, but before you both take that big step, you need to sit down and have a long conversation.

Think about what you actually expect from your partner and what else you would like to know from him before you have the same key in your hands.

Leave nothing to chance. You should prepare as much as possible for this great cause and not rush into anything.

It can never be too late, but it can be too early.

I’m not trying to scare you. I just want you to pay attention.

You can discuss these and many other points that you consider important with your partner and the situation will definitely develop positively.

Protect your love and relationship from unnecessary quarrels that can be resolved very easily.

I wish you good luck and a wonderful adventure!

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