5 Reasons a Toxic Man Won’t Leave His Wife, but Won’t Let Her Go Either

Toxic Man Won't Leave His Wife

5 Reasons a Toxic Man Won’t Leave His Wife, but Won’t Let Her Go Either

Many may have ended up as the third person in a relationship and then had a married man’s secret affair. And some have certainly told themselves many times to just follow their heart and hoped that he would eventually leave his wife. But what if he’s double-tracked forever and just doesn’t want to make a decision? 

After all, he’s looking for someone else, otherwise, he wouldn’t have the affair, would he? It seems like he doesn’t want his wife anymore, but it’s often different than it looks.

Here are 5 surprising reasons why he won’t leave his wife, but won’t let you go either:

1. First of all, there are the practical things

A man doesn’t leave his wife just like that. Because everything that was built together with the other partner will automatically collapse. In some cases, that’s a hell of a lot. Not to mention the stress and expense of splitting a life together in half.

This is not an easy task. Is he really brave enough to take the leap of faith with you and take on that devastation and guilt?

2. It’s about financial matters

Then, in many cases, it comes down to financial matters, such as the division of the house, bank accounts, and retirement provision. Depending on the situation, whether it is a long-term relationship or marriage, he may be left with nothing at all.

There may be child support payments that need to be settled. Once involved in a marriage or even a long-term commitment, a man rarely walks out of it with no commitments.

3. Men are often comfortable when it comes to relationships

In general, men like comfort and security. If he can get his needs met on the side, through love, affection, or anything else, and he can still go home to his partner, why on earth would he change that? He doesn’t want to take the blame and hassle of leaving his partner.

He will not want to give up the common social life, and common friends, just like that. His feet are under the table, he probably wants to leave them there – as long as he can eat out once in a while. Losing the respect of his children, friends, and family may not be very tempting for him either.

4. He’s still unhappy though

Men don’t want complications – you probably know that. They want a smooth trail and not a rough and tiring trail. But even if a man has an affair that gives him a little more fulfillment or distracts him from his worries, it does not mean that he is happy with it. 

He may look happy, but you can see in his eyes that he is unhappy. Many women who are in an affair with a married man feel that he is just using them to make themselves feel better for a moment. But deep down, these men are usually heartbroken. 

The affair is only a band-aid or a makeshift. The man can satisfy his emotional needs for a while without actually doing anything for it. But even in his sleep, he doesn’t think about giving up his wife for this emergency plaster.

5. The children

Of course, a mother blames her children’s father when he leaves the family. What mother wouldn’t? That’s why he respects her on a level that you have yet to understand as “the other woman.” A couple makes babies together and commits to being there for those children for a lifetime. It’s an unspoken vow that is stronger than any marriage. 

The parent-child relationship will precede and follow everything else in his life. This woman brought blood and family together and went through hellish pain and agony to give him a child or two or more.

As he holds these children in his arms, there is deep gratitude and connection in his heart that no one can ever break. He won’t stay with her because of the kids. He just feels like he can’t leave her because of the kids. He wants his children to have the best family scenario possible, and he won’t ruin that opportunity over romance, and submissive behavior.

Now that you know the reasons why a man doesn’t leave his wife, you might think that you don’t want a man like that. He seems broken inside and you don’t want to be the one who has to sweep up the mess behind him. You need a loving, dedicated, responsible man. 

He may be on cloud nine with you right now, but when he comes to his senses, he’ll be right back to his family, which makes him feel like a real man. If it hurts you, don’t allow it into your life any longer.

Yes, a lot of men cheat, and that’s sad. However, studies show that most scammers stay with their wives anyway. You don’t want to keep a scammer. You want the one who doesn’t cheat, and when he does, he will have regrets, make amends, and move on with his family. 

Don’t you deserve it too? If you care about him, you have to decide for him. He has to choose a woman. But you have to be aware that he will never leave his family. His children will always be a priority and a big part of his life – and you have to accept that.

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