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3 Zodiac Signs That Should Take Care Of Their Mental Health In November 2023

Take Care Of Their Mental Health

3 Zodiac Signs That Should Take Care Of Their Mental Health In November 2023

Do you feel like November arrived without warning? It was meticulous but intense, anxiety is in the air and that’s why a part of you has been so confused. This month is testing the nerves of many, thoughts that come and go, obsessions that return, and those voids that prevent you from sleeping at night. Do you identify? Perhaps you are one of these 3 Zodiac signs that should take care of your mental health in November 2023. 2023 is about to end and it is very normal for you to feel pressured, but respect your progress, the fact that you are not able to recognize your achievements does not mean that you have not advanced. Don’t let stress and anxiety make you feel less than. Talk about how you feel, stop pretending that you have everything under control when in reality you are broken inside. Give yourself the opportunity to feel, to cry, to scream. Go with your loved ones, with those people who have always been there, they are not going to judge you.

1.- Taurus 

I know that your mind can trick you, it wants you to believe that the best thing to do is throw in the towel and go back. But that is no longer you, that Taurus is in the past and should stay there. Today you feel afraid and you believe that you are not worth enough because you keep comparing your life with that of others, but it is not true. Don’t be so cruel to yourself. November is testing you because it wants you to understand that a problem does not define you and it is not synonymous with a bad life. You may feel like walking away, you won’t want to see anyone, but that’s fine, if you want moments alone don’t throw them away. Take the opportunity to investigate, to get rid of that pain that doesn’t let you move forward. Forgive yourself, anxiety is screaming at you that it’s time to do it, and you keep complaining about mistakes that are no longer part of your present.  November will make you cry, but it will make you heal, and trust. 

2.- Virgo 

You reached your limit, but look, you’ve gone too far without complaining, you forced yourself to keep fighting for what you want and that’s okay. But November is the season that will open your eyes, you are not a machine. Read it again, you are not a machine, you are annoyed, anxious, and wanting to disappear. You treat yourself as if you have no right to let your guard down and your worst nightmare is to fail. Stop Virgo and take advantage of this month to applaud your achievements. I invite you to try it, don’t compare yourself to anyone, simply recognize your progress, from getting up every morning and going out to fight for your dreams to leaving a toxic relationship. You have become an expert in managing your environment, but it is time for you to channel your energy in such a way that you feel peace. Don’t force yourself to go to places you don’t like and with people who drain you. You are not a burden, do not believe that, November wants you to return to you and yours, there is no more, there is the healing.

3.- Sagittarius 

What is it that upsets you so much? Pause and analyze where that despair comes from, those irrational thoughts that tell you that you are not enough. Don’t give importance to the ideas that hurt you and it’s not about ignoring them completely, write them down or tell someone, but stop keeping quiet. You are not darkness Sagittarius, but anxiety brings out that version of you that you hate because it breaks your creativity and spontaneity. November wants you to express everything that you have been keeping, do not avoid what bothers you. Talk to yourself, what makes you feel anxious? What do you feel? Do your hands sweat? Does your heart race? Start giving a name to everything you experience, breathe, and explain to yourself what you can do to calm down, go for a walk, watch a movie, or call your best friend. But please don’t wait for the anxiety to magically go away, because you’re just building up your fears and one day you’re going to explode.

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