3 things you should know about cheating

3 things you should know about cheating

Cheating isn’t a pretty topic, but there are three things you should know about it. They apply to most cheaters.

An affair can destroy a relationship, or at least cause great damage to it. It is often assumed that men are the ones who commit infidelity more often than women. However, studies have shown that the cheating rate is fairly balanced between the gender. However, women cheat to satisfy emotional needs – men want to pursue more physical affairs with an affair. While there are some gender differences, there are three things that apply to most cheaters. You can find out what these are here.

Here are three things you should know about cheaters

1. They are happy in their relationships

Many assume that someone who cheats is very unhappy with their partner. According to studies, however, this is not true – on the contrary. According to a Rutgers University study, 56 percent of cheating men and 34 percent of women are actually happy in their relationship. However, emotional longings or unsatisfied preferences are then the main reasons for an infidelity.

2. Women cheat when they are fertile

Another study result is likely to surprise women in particular: women cheat more often when they are in the fertile phase of their cycle. In this phase, desire is greatly increased and if needs are not met at home, women may dare to have an infidelity.

3. Most cheat with someone they know

Many find it easier to forgive an affair when it was a one-night stand with someone they don’t know. However, it is usually the case that the cheaters have known about their affair for some time or are friends with them. According to surveys, 85 percent of all affairs take place primarily between colleagues, friends or neighbors.

3 things you should know about cheating

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