3 reasons why love doesn’t work out

3 reasons why love doesn’t work out

As a single person, we often wish we had a partner by our side. But no matter how many dates we go on , the right person doesn’t seem to be there. And that doesn’t exactly give hope! On the contrary, the motivation and fun of dating decreases and we have the feeling that we have ended up in a vicious circle: no longer want to be alone , but also have no motivation to get to know someone. But doesn’t there have to be a reason why love just doesn’t work out? Maybe one of these three reasons is to blame for your single existence!

1. Lack of self-love

You’ve probably read this saying a thousand times:

If you don’t love yourself, you can’t be loved by others either.

But think about him again: When you think about yourself, can you think of any reasons why you’re single? If you’re now thinking about qualities that you don’t like about yourself, then before you start looking for a partner, you should probably start looking for yourself !

2. Fear of being alone

Hardly anyone wants to be alone all their life. But only those who are good at being alone should be with someone else. Are you always looking for things to fill your time? Long hours, a different date with friends every night or appointments keep you from being alone. Fear of spending too much time often means fear of loneliness. And that often leads to wrong decisions in our love life.

3. You are afraid of love

It may sound paradoxical, but people who are looking for love are often unconsciously afraid of it. Because as soon as someone shows you attention and affection, you feel like you have to give something back to them. And that can be related to your fear of love: being hurt, being abandoned, or not being fair to your partner. But you’re only ready for a relationship if you’re willing to take those risks. And that also means that there doesn’t always have to be a balance in a relationship – sometimes one person gives more, sometimes the other. It is important that you communicate about your fears and feelings!

3 reasons why love doesn't work out

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