15 Things Men Wish Women Knew About Them

Women Knew About Them

15 Things Men Wish Women Knew About Them

Have you ever wondered what men really think and want?

Just like women, men are also guilty of sending mixed signals to the opposite gender, and they can be difficult to deal with and understand at times.

If you find yourself constantly complaining and criticizing the man in your life, maybe you just don’t know everything about men.

Once you understand a few things about male behavior, you’ll get along with men a lot easier.

15. If a man is silent, it does not mean that something is wrong

In contrast to men, women are much more open and like to be honest about what is on their minds. Men are men and women are women.

Some things never change. While it’s good to encourage men to be more open, their silence shouldn’t be taken as a cause for concern.

Men can be reticent about their feelings, but their silence shouldn’t indicate a mental health issue.

Silence is actually something every man needs, especially in situations where he is under emotional pressure. There are things women will never know about their men. Don’t worry, dear women, everything is ok!

14. The best way to change a man’s behavior is to emphasize his positive sides

If you tell a man how to do a certain task and then describe in as much detail as possible what you want him to do, chances are he will do well.

However, if you accuse him of never being able or allowed to do this or that, he will probably despair and eventually exclude you from his life plans.

Instead of complaining, take a different approach that’s more positive and encourages him to take action.

Don’t repeat what he has never done before, tell him what you expect from him and how much it would mean to you personally.

As much as a woman wants a man to understand some things for herself, sometimes she needs to conquer her pride and tell him what she wants from him.

This might not be the most romantic advice in the world, but getting upset because a man doesn’t know what you really want isn’t romantic either! That way, your man has a chance to know what you really want from him.

13. Men are visual creatures

Men are particularly vulnerable when it comes to the visual senses. There are positive aspects to men being visual creatures – but there seem to be more negative aspects as well.

Statistically, it is not for nothing that men struggle with addiction to love far more frequently than women.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to dress provocatively or strip naked to get his attention.

When a woman dresses in a way that draws the attention of others—without revealing too much—most men are more attracted to her whole person than to a specific part of her body that isn’t adequately covered.

12. Men have their safe place

Men are often accused of not being in touch with their feelings, and that may be true to some extent. While it’s true that men are very emotional, they express their feelings differently than women.

When things get too hard to take, men retreat to what they call a safe place rather than expressing their feelings outwardly.

This is often a place of nostalgia, a place of sunshine, and happiness.

For some, that might mean watching a few hours of TV, for others, listening to music from the ’80s, watching sports, or watching videos from their glory days.

The point is this: it is a mechanism by which a man comes to terms with reality and as such, it should be respected.

In other words, let him go to his safe place as long as he doesn’t spend too much time there.

Men naturally tend to retreat to their safe place, but be careful if he starts spending too much time there.

11. Men take their hobbies as seriously as their jobs

When a man exercises, plays video games, or participates in other non-essential activities, at first glance it may seem like it’s all a waste of time.

But you need to understand that a favorite sport, club, or other hobby is not a waste of time for him.

There is no money to be made or the world saved with this hobby, but it is a creative outlet for him, through which he – is a heroic way – realizes himself in these works that are so important to him.

You don’t need to be thrilled with each of his accomplishments, but you need to understand that his accomplishments are fulfilling and not just another of his delusional adventures.

Showing a little interest and curiosity about his interests can be great for your relationship—and even if you don’t care as much about his hobbies as he probably doesn’t care about shopping.

10. Men equate work with their own worth

A man associates unemployment with uselessness. It is not uncommon for men to find meaning in their lives through their work, and their families are often dependent on them.

In general, when a man feels respected in this area, he is more likely to feel happy in life.

Men need love, that’s clear but just as important as a sense of respect and appreciation for what they bring to the dinner table.

If the man is seen as unsuccessful in important areas of his life, he is considered less masculine and more prone to depression.

This type of masculinity is not to be confused with the idea of ​​a macho man, which is actually the opposite of true and genuine masculinity.

This is about masculinity associated with heroic virtues and qualities.

9. A man needs to feel needed

Today, women can achieve anything and often do what men do. The achievements of women over the last century demand respect.

However, in order for us all to be happy, we need the cooperation of both genders.

It is only through the cooperation of men and women that we can achieve the long-awaited harmony that the world so desperately needs today.

This is impossible to achieve until both genders start listening to each other and stop seeing the opposite gender as the enemy.

If you really want to know what makes a man happy, here’s the answer: he wants to feel needed.

So ask him to remove the spider from the room, change the lightbulb, and so on. Make him feel like only he can do this.

8. If you have high expectations of your relationship, don’t lower your moral standards

This is an understandable temptation that is sometimes particularly challenging when men are trying to influence women to lower their criteria.

Some women feel like they won’t find the right man if they set their standards too high. Don’t fall for this lie.

Would you like to be with a man who only cares about beauty and love? Of course not! For a long and serious relationship, men want a woman who sticks to their criteria.

Ultimately, men choose women who have high moral values.

7. The way to a man’s heart is (actually) through his stomach

Men are lonely creatures by nature, and when they’ve finally found someone to start a family with, they still feel lonely sometimes.

That’s why it’s important for women to understand that a man’s loneliness can become painful over time and he needs female nurturing.

This means that a man needs the maternal warmth of a woman to feel connected and cared for. If he doesn’t get that warmth, he may be tempted to seek it elsewhere.

We can say that this problem affects both genders, but for a man, it is a special problem because the presence of women in his life connects him to his task in the world.

Just the thought of it makes the man lonely. The way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach! Therefore, feed him the meals he likes best and prepare them the way he likes them best.

6. A man doesn’t want to listen to a woman’s problems, he wants to solve them

When a woman asks a man for advice on a particular problem or difficulty, the conversation often stalls at the question, “What should I do?”

While the woman in this conversation is only looking for compassion, the man is looking for a solution.

It often happens that at the end of the conversation, due to mutual misunderstanding, a quarrel begins, and the issue that has arisen is forgotten.

Then both genders have to broaden their horizons. Men need to understand that their wives are not looking for a solution to a problem. Women need to understand that men want to solve their problems as soon as possible.

5. The man sees only the forest and the woman only the trees

Women tend to look at things on a personal level, while men tend to see the bigger picture. This explains why a man doesn’t see spoiled milk in the fridge even though he looks at the fridge.

On the other hand, women do not notice that the refrigerator is no longer cooling, even though they have used it several times a day.

When a man looks in the fridge at the end of the day, all he sees is a stack of products that are no longer cold.

Without balance and understanding between the two attitudes, one cannot have a happy and stable relationship.

4. Men suppress their feelings, and women exaggerate them

It’s important to emphasize this detail because it helps us understand the radical difference between a man’s response and a woman’s.

For example, if you cook lunch for a man, he’ll probably say, That’s not so bad, which actually means the food was well prepared and he really liked it.

When a man says lunch isn’t badly prepared, it means he really enjoyed it. So don’t judge the quality of your food by a literal interpretation of his words.

He uses muted expressions because he wants to keep his cool even when he’s complimenting you.

On the other hand, if a woman says something like, You should definitely go out with your co-worker, she’s really, really nice, the truth can be a far cry from what was said.

The more a woman uses expressions like really, good, nice, and beautiful, the more a man has to worry.

3. You don’t quite understand me.

One of the biggest obstacles to love and commitment in relationships is feeling like the other person isn’t listening or understanding us.

Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why people so often yell at each other during arguments.

It’s important to understand that feeling innocent doesn’t relieve you of the consequences of a fight with the person you love.

That doesn’t mean you don’t have to explain your intentions, just that your good intentions are limited by understanding the other side.

Unfortunately, if this reality is not understood by both genders, an ugly and negative perspective can arise, which is expressed in the sentence – You do not understand me -.

If he loves you, he will do his best to understand and please you.

But let him, give him a chance! We’ll never fully understand each other, but much of that can be overcome if people make a real effort to listen and communicate with each other.

2. Romance takes practice

The fact is, men sometimes need to be taught romance.

Your husband doesn’t suddenly become romantic. Maybe he was never taught anything about romance, let alone how to love you in creative ways.

We’re not saying that you should bother him with it all the time, but that you should give him little instructions from time to time. For romance to become part of our daily routine, it takes effort and practice.

1. Men can only do one thing right now

Since many women are multitaskers, they often expect men to function in their lives in the same way.

Often women know how to approach their man with a variety of ideas, thoughts, or advice while he is working on the computer or watching TV.

However, while a man is doing something on the computer, he cannot listen to you or do anything else. Of course, this does not mean that a man is disinterested, he just cannot do several things at the same time.

15 things men wish women knew about them


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